The Last Of Us – A Must Play For Any Game Lover

Gaming on Play Station 3 is a lot of fun and addictive too. There are a number of games developed by different companies especially for the PS 3 platform. Everyday new games are developed for the gaming console.


It is not wrong to say that the game developer “The Naughty Dog” has in a way owned the gaming console PS 3 in this generation. Giving back to back hit games is not an easy task. After giving hit games like Drakes Fortune, The Naughty Dog is here with a new action game called “The Last of Us”. This game has been published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The Last Of Us – A Must Play For Any Game Lover



One cannot deny the fact that The Last of Us strikes almost all the nails on the head. From its characters to its game playing, the journey in that barren but beautiful world, everything is just outstanding.


Genre: It is really hard to categorize the game “The Last of Us” in a single genre. Many a times the game will display the traits of a horror plus survival game, sometimes as a shooter, and occasionally it may also feel like an adventure game. So basically this game can become a favorite of all those who like any of the three types of games. It is a melding of different genres which makes the game a unique and fun experience.


Pros: The best thing about the game is that it is a very strong game play. It is a mature game which almost feels real when playing it. The game is very brutal which completely suits the game’s genre. The game show cases the appropriate amount of all the emotions which makes the game even more addictive.


Cons: This is not a proper drawback of the game but still it can be said that one of the criticisms that has been received for the game is that at times the game can feel a bit linear to some people. The straight and narrow paths in the game can make the player feel so. Although at times the game also opens up into larger areas and rooms, most of the times it is linear. But still the game binds the player to completely concentrate on the story line and keep playing.


Special features: The most significant and surprising special feature of the game is that it is a multi player game. Although the story line of the game is somewhat single player, it also has a multi player mode. It can be played online with multi players. Collectables for the game are also available online. The graphics of the game is really impressive and realistic. The Naughty Dog has put up really stunning animation and graphics through this game. Even the emotions displayed by the characters are realistic. The voice acting of the game is also very impressive and real.


With this game “The Last of Us”, The Naughty Dog has come up with a very mature and one of the best games for adults that have been developed till now. Every emotion in the game seeps through the screen and all the features of the game makes it a must play game for any game lover.

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