Best Snapchat Spy App for You in 2018

Snapchat is thought of by Stanford graduate students. Initial versions are launched on April, 2011.  Snapchat increases funds in three. Snapchat forceful improves the product, with changes such as Chat 2.0, the introduction of stickers and augmented virtual reality pictures. Snapchat was originally focused on private, person-to person photos sharing, video chatting, messaging creating caricature and so many.


Snapchat isn’t your typical social network because thanks to those constant updates over the few years, Snapchat is way different these days. For instance, it now lets you replay snaps, photos or videos that you received from your friends, unlimited number times. Snapchat is right up there with WhatsApp and Facebook as the top most used social media apps. Teens of all ages using this app and as a result parents worry about their children’s are engaging with Snapchat. Snapchat came up with the new software Snapchat spy app. It helps parents to keep track of your child’s activities on Snapchat; you will find this article quite helpful.


This is just an example shown to explain how to hack Snapchat. In the similar way all the Snapchat spy apps can be installed to monitor Snapchat along with other messaging apps

First of all you have to open the search page then go to:

SnapChat Spy App

Then type the Snapchat user name ex: priyank


Then click on to snap sent


Then it takes time to install and open (for 30 sec) 1 or 2 apps to verify you are human


Then you have to install the app

After installing the app and run the app. again go back to the site and get hacked password.

Different Types of Snapchat spy apps:

There are many Snapchat spy apps are available in the market based on type of software, its version and they have many additional features all which serve some other additional purposes. These Snapchat spy apps reviews are available at this website –

  1. Mobile spy:

This is another good alternative for you if you are looking for really good spy software to help you keep tracking of your children‘s Snapchat activity. It is easy to offers tracking of other apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook. It is available in the official website link


  • View complete SMS text messages
  • Monitor WhatsApp Messenger
  • Get GPS locations as often as you wish
  • Monitor Facebook Messenger
  • View LIVE Screen with LIVE Panel O:

Spy Apps for mobile phones

  1. Spy bubble:

This is another solution for beginners. This is fairly simple to use and it offers the basics of spy software in a very simple to use program. It comes with a clean and easy to use and interface can be used to track other data on the target device. This is available in its official website address:


  • Gps trackers
  • Sms commander
  • Control panel
  • You tube monitoring and email check
  • Other messaging apps tracking

Spy Bubble App

  1. Highster Mobile:

Highster Mobile is spy software that you can use to monitor your child’s Snapchat activity. t is very easy to use and highly effective. Its official website address:


  • WhatsApp Messages.
  • Facebook Pictures and Messages.
  • Instagram Messages.
  • Skype contacts and messages.
  • Browser history log.
  • Contacts log.

Highster App

  1. PhoneSheriff:

PhoneSheriff is a hybrid software/service which allows you to monitor your child’s Smartphone. This unique system monitors and blocks the activities of your child. You install a small application. . It promises to provide detailed information of the device you are tracking. Official Address:


  • Block phone numbers from outgoing and incoming calls
  • Block apps you choose
  • Monitor text messages
  • Real time location tracking

PhoneSheriff App

  1. The truth spy:

This is tracking software that allows you complete control of your child’s Snapchat activities. This app focuses on main messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and many. Official Address:


  • We can monitor the internet activities
  • We can use multimedia spy
  • Mobile spy app
  • We have to restrict the use if the internet
  • For GPS tracking

The Truth Spy App

  1. SnapSave:

SnapSave is one of the oldest apps to save Snapchat. Recently, it has not been updated, but it provides highly efficient results if you are trying to save snaps without getting noticed. Also, it is compatible for both, iOs and Android devices.


  • It can save images, Videos, and stories from the Snapchat app.
  • No Root access required.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The sender won’t be notified for saving images

SnapSave App

  1. SnapBox:

SnapBox is same as an older Snapchat save app, which works for both, iOs and Android devices. Its interface is simple and you can save snaps with just one tap. Before using it, make sure that you log out of your Snapchat account. You can save snaps directly to your phone’s memory. It is also freely available and comes with a few new features as well.

SnapBox App

  • 8) iKey Monitor:

This app is designed to monitor all activities on Snapchat in invisible mode. This spy app helps in recording keystrokes, voice messages and can capture screenshots of the images received on Snapchat. This is compatible for iPad, iPhone, and even android phones. This app also helps in blocking the improper apps, websites and limit screen time as per the users. It provides monitoring details to users by email or file transfer protocol space so that users can monitor from anywhere.

All these Snapchat spy apps are in a way very efficient in their but the user has to choose the best one based on its features and subscription cost. One should remember that children’s safety is very important in present scenario than money.

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