Review: NEwhere E-Liquids Flavors

NEwhere e-Liquids Flavors are a the best and finest flavored vapors formulated for E-cigarette and vaporizers. The electronic liquid juices are available in a wide selection of flavors, which include nicotine vapors and nicotine free vapors.

NEwhere E-Liquids Flavors

E-Liquids Flavors

With sixteen different E-liquids flavors to select from, NEwhere caters to a wide selection of e-cigarette lovers. The e-cigarette flavors are divided between eight nicotine and eight non nicotine juices. Many of these have delectably fruity names like Pink Lemonade, Cherry Pink and Island Squeeze. Taurine based flavor is also available for people searching for a calorie free energy rush. For typical smokers, menthol and tobacco flavored are accessible. Without the lingering smell and a dangerous substance called tar, they are ideal when you are weaning off of the cigar or just searching for a good alternative smoking experience.


What sets NEwhere E-liquids apart from the rest is its flavor. The base components of every vaping liquids account of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine as well as food grade flavors. The vapor is produced in a medical grade facility, meaning a high quality and cleaner product that does not have the annoying smell and substance related to tobacco smoke.

Flavor and Quality

Without a doubt, NEwhere E-Liquid flavor is the highlight of this brand of e-cigarette. Every juice has a smooth, clean taste and smell that is really exceptional. These flavors will also please nicotine craving without the stigma and guilt of smoking.

The e-Liquid juices have different nicotine strengths that range from zero to 2.2 percent so as to aid people who are lessening their dependence on nicotine. The varying strengths of nicotine don’t affect the taste of the flavor. The Grape Gatsby, for instance, has a refreshingly true grape candy taste. It is virtually like a smoking grape jolly rancher. Visit the website for many flavor options.

NEwhere comes with a firm, but thin vaporizer pen made of stainless steel. It is so easy to hide and lightweight, making this item a convenient accessory to have. There are complaints concerning the electronic liquids leaking from the vaporizer pen but according to the company, it is because of putting lots of liquids into the atomizer. To avoid this issue, NEwhere provides clear as well as pre-filled tanks available at a reasonable cost.


The NEwhere E-liquids can be purchased at 7.99 US dollars. It’s a definite benefit when it comes to quality as well as affordability. Vape starter kits are available at 29.99 and are accessible on the company’s website and other selected stores online and offline.


NEwhere electronic liquids are a reasonable selection of remarkable flavors, which are delicious and better for handling nicotine cravings. They provide a clean, smooth consistent taste that is not available in other brands of e-cigarette out there. NEwhere is on the process of offering more flavors to suit the needs of every vaper and provide a stronger level of nicotine. It is safe to say that the quality of NEwhere is the best in the world of electronic cigarette.

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