The Review About EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Have you ever wrenched your brain to hunt for secure and convenient to use system backup software? Today, you require two kinds of backup – one that can handle your files and documents and the second one for your system in particular. EaseUS Todo Backup Free bids to bestride both the spheres.

EaseUS Todo Backup Software Free

EaseUS Todo Backup Free – A Brief Look:

The EaseUS Todo Backup is basically a disk imaging tool, allowing you to backup, recover or clone your complete hard disk or preferred partitions or drives. It enables users to form an entire system backup accompanying all prevailing settings and applications. In addition, it also let on users to recover system to the similar condition in case of a hardware collapse or a system crash.

There are myriad of restore and recovery choices as well, such as an option for making a WinPE-based recovery disc that allow users to employ the program other than windows, making the software ideal option for restoring crashed systems as well as to upgrade the drives. The best part is it’s all easy to use and works perfectly.

Migrating Windows 10 From HDD to SSD:

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is safe yet extremely effective system backup and cloning software which is completely adaptable with new Windows systems including Threshold 2 and Windows 10 Redstone.

In case you’re tired of waiting too long for your system to boot or your installed or downloaded programs to load, then SSD is what your machine is certainly looking for. Considering SSD is more economical than ever, you must think over getting one for your PC. However, it may not really simple for you to shift Windows 10 from HDD to solid state drive and here you will need to download the EaseUS Todo Backup Free to address the issue.

If Windows 10 is installed over a usual hard disk, you can clone HDD to SSD windows 10 with the use of this disk imaging software.

  • Steps to Migrate windows 10 From HDD to SSD Through EaseUS Todo Backup Free:
  • Launch application and click ‘Clone’ to begin shifting Windows 10 to solid state drive.
  • Choose source disk you wish to clone and click ‘Next’ to proceed.
  • Pick the destination disk. Tick ‘Optimize for SSD’ option.

You can preview the disk layout after completion of the shifting process. Click ‘proceed’ for cloning execution and to end the Windows 10 shifting task.

  • Shutdown the system and take off HDD.
  • Restart your computer and relish new Windows 10 over SSD.

Windows 10 Cloning Software:

It’s now on your fingertips to clone your hard drive by using Windows 10 cloning software. Through EaseUS Todo Backup Free, you can easily clone Windows 10 operating system to fresh hard drive in few minutes. The cloning feature is an added advantage of EaseUS Todo Backup Free and users can avail this option to recover as well as to backup Windows 10.

Alongside cloning, EaseUS Todo Backup Free also offers disk backup, schedule backup and various other forms of backup along with features to shield user’s data.

Using Windows 10 Cloning Software:

  • Launch the app and press ‘Clone’.
  • Choose a source disk you intend to clone.
  • Choose the destination disk.
  • After cloning, you can preview the disk layout.
  • Press ‘Proceed’ to see the final results.


Availability of different options for making backup including File Backup, Smart Backup and Disk Backup.
The software enables users to build up a schedule to oversee various files via Smart Backup.
Interactive UI to make operations effortless.


Despite the app is free of cost, there are repeated pop-ups asking for upgrade.


EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a convenient tool for home users to backup few or all of their files or documents as frequent as they’d like. It’s fast, dependable and free of cost. It’s an all-rounder app that offers backup and restoration of your files and documents alongside giving you the facility to migrate to SSD and clone your hard disks.

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