Review: Convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 on Mac OS X

AudioBook to MP3 Converter, as its name implies, is software devised to Convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 on Mac OS X from iTunes library formats to WAV, MP3 or AAC file by eliminating the aggravating DRM protection from protected Audible audiobooks as well as iTunes. It transforms audiobooks into unprotected FLAC, MKA, AU, MP3, AAC, AA3 or MP4 files, allowing you to enjoy your favorite audiobooks from iTunes library or Audible on any of your preferred device legitimately.

Convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 on Mac OS X

In addition, the software also enables you to play audiobooks on mobile devices like PSPs, Mobile phones, BlackBerrys or even on any MP3/MP4 player.

The application employs a Virtual CD-rewriter to automate the procedure of ripping and burning an audiobook and according to the developer, it is absolutely legal.

The best part is, the application is really convenient to use, handles batch transformations swiftly and conversions are superb CD quality.

The major drawbacks of AudioBook to MP3 Converter are that the availability of transformation formats is quite restricted and you can’t stipulate any specific bitrates. Moreover, the interface is slightly elemental, restricting users to change applications during conversion.

Eliminates Annoying DRM From audiobooks:

The most important feature of the AudioBook to MP3 Converter app is the ability to lawfully remove DRM protection from protected Audible and iTunes audiobooks. Besides eliminating DRM protection, the software also converts audiobooks to unprotected multiple file formats, enabling users to relish their purchased audiobooks over any device of their choice.

Quick Conversions:

You can swiftly convert DRM protected audiobooks by just selecting a 1× to 16×speed. The best part is you will not require to compromise on the sound quality.

Multi-threading Technology:

With the use of multi-thread technology, the application is capable of converting numerous audiobooks in iTunes at a time in just a single click. This feature is certainly a blessing for those having exquisite, big audiobook collection to transform.

An Extensive Array of Output Formats:

Alongside transforming to the most run-after MP3 format, you can also choose output formats of your choice such as FLAC, M4A, AAC, M4R etc.

Supports Multiple Devices:

The elimination of DRM protection as well as transforming the audiobook to an unshielded format, you can enjoy your audiobooks to any of your preferred devices. Whether it’s an iPad or Android, iPhone or Car Player, you don’t need to care for the file formats anymore.

AudioBook to MP3 Converter – Hit:

  • Transforms DRM protected audiobooks to multiple formats as per your choice and requirements.
  • Batch conversions of DRM protected/unprotected audiobooks to AAC and MP3 formats are possible.
  • Convenient to use.

AudioBook to MP3 Converter – Miss:

  • The application is not capable to resume working if you switch applications while transformations.
  • Restricted customization options and preferences.
  • Archaic interface.


AudioBook to MP3 Converter is the most complacent as well as prompt method of converting iTunes and Audible audiobooks to any of your required formats. The application smoothly consolidates with iTunes. In addition, it also eliminates undesirable DRM protection while keeping you at the legal side and delivering you the best CD-quality output at the same time. You can download and install it on Mac OS X for free. If you want to know more about the software check out the Tips and Guides.

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