Revealed: The importance of RaceChip Chiptuning

Every driver knows that a well maintained and finely tuned car is safer, efficient and cost friendly to drive. Today, most car engines are controlled and monitored by many small computers each designed to handle a different task. Have you ever wondered how your vehicle is able to recognize when you insert a key into the ignition or roll down a window when you press a button? This is the work of the main car computer which is called a control device.

The control device is connected to the engine via plugs and cables that enable it to read and receive digital and analog command signals. When a car is optimized, it operates better, giving optimum driving output. RaceChip Chiptuning is the aspect of tuning a car to increase engine performance by the installation of an additional control device or by an OBD tuning.


RaceChip Chiptuning


Chiptuning by the means of an additional control device can either be DIY or can be installed by a qualified mechanic or personnel. The additional control device is connected to the engine and the existing control device without any substantive modifications to the engine or the existing control device. The newly installed chip tuning device works in coordination with the engine and the existing control device in real time and this goes a long way into optimizing vehicle performance as well as features such as maps and power output.

The most amazing thing about Chiptuning using this method is that there are no changes made to the engine protection program. This ensures that there is no risk of overloading specific engine components. For instance, if your car has a V max (top speed limitation), it will remain unchanged even after the installation of the RaceChip device. The device installation does also not interfere with the original car software. This makes tuning and optimizing your car by using the additional device an ideal and safe way to optimize output.

There are three main Chiptuning control devices that all offer a DIY installation in no less than 15 minutes. These are RaceChip, RaceChip pro2 and the RaceChip ultimate. The RaceChip is very easy to install as you only need to us a plug to connect the RaceChip to the engine and the main control device and fix the device in a safe place in the car and you are done. These devices also offer individual self optimization that allows you to adjust and increase the performance of your engine depending on the road that you are driving on and how the car handles. This makes the additional control device a very important driving tool.

The devices also come with an optimized basic setting that is ideal for most driving but can be changed as earlier mentioned and allow you to optimize maximum engine and car performance as well as fuel saving or a balance of the two. The additional control panel can be removed easily when you want to dispose of the car and can also be installed just as easily in the new car. This makes it ideal for changing cars as well as optimizing the new car.

OBD tuning on the other hand is more complicated and cannot possibly be performed in the DIY mode. In this type of RaceChip tuning, the original software of the car is modified at a diagnostic interface by reading it out of the engine control device. The software is then modified with a PC and the ideal programs are then read into the control device. This modification in most cases prompts the replacement of the original chip with a tuning chip. One of the advantages that OBD tuning has over Chiptuning is the fact that in OBD tuning, the top speed limitation can be essentially neutralized.

This can translate into a higher increase in performance than when an additional control device is installed. But it also important to note that Chiptuning by a control device has a very big advantage over OBD tuning. For one, OBD tuning can cause damage to the vehicle engine as well as turn of engine protection functions. OBD tuning can also make it relatively hard and even impossible to diagnose your vehicle. The modified tuning software can interfere with a garage diagnosis implements by reading out error codes. This might prompt a misdiagnosis, which in turn might cause a lag in the proper implementation of repairs. For these reasons, RaceChip Chiptuning by the use of an additional control device is the safest and most logical option.

It is not unheard of for people to think that RaceChip Chiptuning is only ideal for racing and speed demon type of cars. This is a great misconception. The manufacturer of the race chip control devices are very attuned to the needs of all motorists. It is with this in mind that they usually offer a DIY easy to install device that is ideal for any vehicle. The control device can offer an increase of up to 25% in performance, 20% torque and a fuel decrease of up to 1 liter per every 100 kilometers for any vehicle. The RaceChip comes optimized with the optimal setting for your car make and model and this makes it very efficient and a must have for any automotive enthusiast.

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