Useful PowerPoint Tips for Newbies

Every body knows the utility of Microsoft Office PowerPoint. After all, if you have detailed and thorough knowledge and information, then you are able to create exotic and sophisticated PowerPoint presentation. Hence, prior to achieving the desired results, you need to arm yourself with the following tips as it is going to do wonders for you.

Powerpoint tips

Following are the useful tips which will assist you immensely:-

1. In a PowerPoint presentation, if you want to attach a text or graphics item to an email address, then you just need to select the graphics/text which you want to be linked. Subsequently, after you are done with your selection, right click it and select “Action Settings” from the menu. Thereafter, you have to click on “Hyperlink to” and you are supposed to choose the URL from the list that’s dropped down. The email address needs to be keyed which is As you click the OK button twice, it is going to close the window.

2. Method to change thee default file ‘location of MS PowerPoint

Firstly, you have to select “Options” from the “Tools” menu and click on “Save”. Thereafter, you need to look for the Default file location box. This is the place where you have to specify the drive along with the folder path of your esteemed and preferred storage location. Here, it is imperative for you to create the folder where the detailed specifications of a new file location is done. Thereby, Hit “Ok”.

3. Looking to have a control over the placement of a specific graphic item in the form of clip art or photograph? If yes, then you have to begin by selecting it. Thereby, , you have to hit Ctrl and hold it in a downward position with the help of arrow keys on your keyboard as it effectively work wonders towards positioning the graphic. It equally works for text too.

4. If you want to embed TrueType fonts, then it is quite easy and simple. The moment your presentation gets ready, you are supposed to go to “File” and subsequently click on “Save As”. As “Save As” box has opened, you have to click on “Tools” in the drop down menu. While you move on, choose “Save Options”. It is imperative for you to look for the “Embed TryeType Fonts” which is the command in the “Save Options” box and click on “OK”

The aforesaid tips stand out to be the simplest of all. As a beginner, you will highly value such informative and authentic tips that help towards making presentations on PowerPoint to be a child ’s play for sure. Thereby, after reading the aforesaid article, you will yourself get to know how easy these tips as they are going to end each and every single bit of your problem like never before.

Needless to say, that even if you do not know any thing, yet you are going to be armed with the complete and updated information. Hence, it is going to make you jump with joy for sure. Isn’t it?

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