The 5 Most Popular Technology Jobs for 2013

In 2013, we live in an era where digital is king. In order to be successful, you have to be online and you have to be reaching out to all new audiences that you may never have previously spoken to, let alone done business with.


The technology sector is evolving all the time with more and more jobs becoming available, especially as many are created in order to help deal with the workload faced by the majority of firms. For those enrolled on technology-based University or college courses, the future is certainly looking bright as their skills are always going to be in demand.


Many of these students dream of becoming game programmers, maybe web designers or even just want to be involved in computers in some capacity, but many don’t consider that there are careers outside their ‘dream’ positions. The pitfall arises where many give up on their dream career and even move away from the industry in general, based on the fact that they get turned down for positions in their desired field. But as mentioned earlier, in an industry evolving all the time, there are all kinds of positions arising that could make the most of their talents and give them the opportunity to spread their wings in the technology industry.


Whatever career path you’re following right now, this little guide may help you to open a few more doors along that path. You can never have too many options, and one of these might appeal to you or inspire you to add a few extra strings to your bow.


Technology Jobs in 2013

These are possibly the five most popular technology careers of 2013:

  • 5. Programmer

If you’re the kind of person looking to get into the research and development side of computers, helping to create the next generation of computing, then this could be the route to go down. Programmers write, test, (re-write) and develop software and programs for their clients, giving them almost bespoke computer packages.


  • 4.  Web Developer

In an era where websites are essential for everyone from sports teams to greasy spoon owners, global corporations to startups, web developer jobs are going to be appearing all over the world, let alone the country, for years to come. Responsible for tasks such as designing the overall layout and experience for the user, web developers help to build the sites from the ground up, getting to use their creative minds as well as their technical skills.


  • 3. Software Developer

Are you a keen gamer? Do you find yourself permanently attached to your smartphone? Ever wondered how things like that work? Software developers are the people who provide the platforms for pretty much everything you like to work! In the next few decades, more than 140,000 new software developer jobs are expected to open up, and that figure is continuing to rise.


  • 2. Database Administrator

With data growing all the time and companies having to consume everything they see as relevant to them, they need someone to deal with it all. Database administrators organise all of the “essential” data and separate that from what they can’t utilise for the future. Experts in the industry have tipped this particular job role to grow by 30% over the next five years.


  • 1. Systems Analyst

With everything being done digitally, from everyday tasks to essential work, it’s vital that the companies know exactly how they’re getting on and that their systems are working to the optimum level. They also need to know if better products are on the market or coming soon and how they could make a difference to the company going forward. All of this comes under the remit of the systems analyst, along with designing and developing packages to take the firm forward.


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