Phone Apps Every Webmaster Should Have

There are plenty of phone applications intended for use by webmasters. They facilitate server and website management, provide analytics in real time, give information about installed and active modules, and more. Here are some great applications to use on your phone.


Website management

One of the most common and useful phone apps for webmasters is the Joomla Admin Mobile, or JAM. JAM is an app that is connected to the Joomla sites, and it makes it possible to update and manage them from your iPhone. The lite version of this app is free, while the full version costs 10 dollars.


Real time analytics

Chart Beat is a free app that gives webmasters analytics in real time. You know what is happening the moment it does. This makes it easy to track a product launch or control a story.
Mint Stats is an easy to use device that shows how many visits your site has had on a given day. It gives you the data for the past 24 hours.
BAM Analytics Pro lets you check your Google Analytics data. It is suitable for iPhone users. The lite version is free, while the full version costs two dollars.
Analytics Agent is based on Google Analytics API. This allows webmasters to browse and manage Google Analytics. It is made for iphone or itouch platforms and ensures availability of the highest number of functions. In comparison to other software in this category, Analytics Agent has the advantage of providing easy data classification, which enables webmasters to look at the data they want and need quickly and with convenience.
If you get Analytics App, you will have access to Google Analytics data from any place and at any time. Whenever you have free time, you can use this app and get some work done. It costs around seven dollars.


Server management

Of all server management iPhone apps, Cumulus is perhaps the best-known and most useful. This app is suitable for iPhone and iPod Touch users. You can add files to your S3 storage no matter where your location is. You can also manage file permissions, buckets and bucket permissions, as well as e-mails and tweets with the object links of your choice. This app costs around three dollars.


Active modules

Drupal Notifier is suitable for iPhone users who have Drupal websites. Drupal Notifier gives information about the status of active and installed modules for the site. This app retrieves information in xml format.


Other phone apps

Other popular apps are FTP On The Go, Database Viewer Plus, Pingdom, Network Utility, Network Ping, Web Tools and more. Database Viewer Plus makes it possible to update any database on the platform of iPhone. You can synchronize databases wirelessly, be it EDGE, 3G, or Wi-Fi. The changes can be applied immediately to the desktop database. What is more, all changes to the desktop database can be sent wirelessly and instantly to your iPhone when you switch the app on, which means you will always have the latest information at your fingertips.

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