Online Privacy: Trends and Measures 2017 (Infographic)

Huge amounts go down as junk every year owing to losses against data breaches. In US alone, as much as 96% of the internet users fear risk of losing personal data.

Not that the figures are ordinary and haven’t taken our note but perhaps the convenience of online trade and transaction has deep rooted our day to day lives.

Playstore alone boasts of thousands of hundreds of apps everyday and it would be interesting to know the percentage of apps that don’t depend on users’ data to function effectively.

Online Privacy is certainly in jeopardy and the trend continues to flow especially with cross counter measures requiring the security agencies to have an unrestricted access to public data.

While big organizations are doing little to defy, our personal actions aren’t helping either as we become prone to exposing our online actions with every passing day.

Resorting to private search engines and incorporating data protection tools is the least that is required to be done on our part.

This infographic well illustrates the current privacy tends. Take a look –

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