Multimedia Artists and Animators

Animators and multimedia artists create animation and visual effects for television, motion pictures, video games and other entertainment media. They work with two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) models as well as animation. Many work with a specific form of media such as animated movies, visual effects or computer generated images (CGI).

Multimedia Artists

Multimedia artists and animators use computer software and illustrations to create motion graphics. They usually work with a team of artists to create movies, games or visual effects. Much of their work involves research, storyboard development and editing. They often meet with other animators, game developers, clients and directors to review project deadlines and timelines.

Some multimedia artists work primarily with computer programs. They may use software or write their own computer code. Other prefer hand-drawing and painting, which they later translate into computer programs.

Most multimedia artists need training in art, computer graphics or related fields. Employers look for workers with an impressive portfolio and strong technical skills. Video Symphony (VS) is an example of a nationally accredited institution for careers in animation and motion graphics. From Adobe and Maya courses to Cinema 4 training and more, professional media production schools give aspiring artist and animators a competitive edge.


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