Review of the Mpie S5 3G Android Smart Phone

Most people look for different features when they are deciding which phone to buy, regardless of what they may use it for. The Mpie S5 3G smart phone is a Phablet that is well placed to offer you amazing features at a very friendly price. It is one of the best and most affordable Mpie android phones (80-85$) targeted at consumers who want a cheaper device without compromising on the quality of service.


Mpie android phones



  • OS: Android 4.2
  • CPU: MTK6572
  • RAM: 512MB
  • ROM: 4GB
  • Back camera: with flash light and AF, 8.0MP, with flash light
  • Front camera: 2.0MP
  • Screen size: 5.0 inch
  • Screen resolution: 854 x 480 (WVGA)
  • Product size: 136 x 70 x 8 mm/5.4 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches
  • Product weight: 0.11 kg


The Mpie S5 is a 3G phablets running on an android operating system (4.2 jelly bean). It combines very powerful features, A7 1.3 dual core processor and 512 Mb of Rom which will make sure that your apps open faster and run smoothly. It is important to note that the 512MB ROM is before operating system installation, which means; after installation of OS the ROM may decrease, but this does not mean it compromises the device speed capabilities.

It offers 4GB of internal storage, with TF capabilities of up to 8GB; this means you can transfer all that music on your computer library to your phone easily. This is a very handy phone to have when you are going for a morning run, or when you are going for a long hike in the mountains. The available space is adequate to ensure that you can install any application from the Google market place. Below are some of the specifications:

Processing – A7 1.3 GHz dual core processor. The processor on this device is adequate and can perform tasks without hanging or taking too long.

Rom – The Rom is a bit low, but is very adequate and ample compared to other devices of this price range (80-85 $).

Storage – The 4Gb internal and up to 8 GB of external storage is quite adequate for use, regardless of whether it is music or as a mere storage device.

Network and connectivity

You can use the device no matter which part of the world you are. Unlike other phones, this is a network unlocked smart phone, and works well with GSM and WCDMA networks across the globe. The GSM networks frequencies are between 950- 1800 MHZ, while the WCDMA frequency is between 850-2100MHz. This makes the phone usable in almost all countries, as most countries’ frequencies fall under that range.

The WIFI on this phone works extremely well and constantly. Have you ever had a phone that kept on dropping a WIFI network? Frustrating right? With this phone, you never have to worry about that since the 802.11b/g/n wireless internet makes sure that once you are locked into a network, the phone does not loose it unless you are out of range. Bluetooth connectivity is also available on this phone, this enable you to transfer files wirelessly and easily between your devices. This phone has a mini USB port for easy connectivity between the phone and your computer. It offers a 3.5mm audio port and supports microphone and speaker.

Network and connectivity feature:

  • WIFI- 802.11b/g/n wireless internet

Network type and frequencies-GSM and WCDMA between 850-2100 respectively
USB port, SIM card and audio ports- Micro USB, micro SIM, micro TF and audio port are supported.

Display, Camera and size

This phone has a multi touch, capacitive 2 point five inch screen that can support 840*480 WVGA (wide video graphics array). This makes it so much exciting and enjoyable to watch MP4s and play all those games that you love so much on the device.

The multi touch screen allows for the performance of features such as: Multi touch zooming, touch pause while playing videos, and quicker maps access on Google maps. The screen is complimented by two cameras, one at the back with 8 megapixels and flash capabilities, and a 2Mp one at the front that makes video chatting easy and enjoyable. The qualities of pictures captured by the back camera on this phone are quite good.

It is a sleek and light weight Phablet, weighing in at just 0.11 kg and measuring a mere 70mm wide, 136mm long and 8mm thickness. This phone is thinner than a slice of bread and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Mpie S5 is one of the best phones you will find at with these impressive features.

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Additional features

Some of the additional features that you should look out for when you purchase this phone are; 3G connectivity. This allows you to access the internet at a higher speed than with other GSM devices.

Light Sensing, Gesture Sensing, People, and Gravity Sensing are just some other features. Light sensing is a feature that allows your phone to be able to sense the amount of light available in your current atmosphere and adjust the screen brightness. The next time you are in a dark room, this phone will detect the light and adjust your screen brightness adequately.

Gesture sensing is a feature that allows you to move from one page to the other by just a hand or finger gesture.

Gravity sensing is what allows your phone to sense how you are holding the phone, as this phone is full touch screen; this feature allows you to play games easily. By tilting the phone while playing a game such as need for speed, you are only required to tilt the phone to the right when steering to the right and vice versa.

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