Mobile Websites are on the rise in 2017

If I ask a question to anyone that do you have a mobile? Then, I must be the most silly person in the world because we are living in the digital age, whereas mobile is the most common electronic device which is used by almost everyone. Even a small kid knows how to open a mobile easily. Can you imagine how fast our generation is growing? Earlier, the cost of the mobiles and tablets were too high so it was not affordable by everyone, but in today’s date, not a single person you will find without a mobile. Simply, we can say that Mobile is the one important part of the human life.

mobile websites rise 2017

Mobile is not just an electronic device, which is used for calling or receiving phone calls. Of course, we can do mot more with the mobile like we can play games, share data, and the most important we can easily surf the internet, etc. Worldwide, more than 1 Billion people use some sort of device (whether a Tablet or a Smartphone) to surf the internet.

No doubt, that’s the really huge figure but still increasing. If a person owns a Tablet or a Smartphone then undoubtedly internet access is necessary for both. Both in the ways, mobile uses internet for updating its OS version and the person uses the internet for surfing, watching TV Online, downloading games, and much more.

It means on an average, a single person spends approximately 14 – 15 hours on the internet each week. From that, half of the time people are using social networking sites and watching videos. Check mobile marketing statistics here.

Below are the top locations, where people use their mobile’s internet to search for!

  • Downloading Games – Mobile is the one stop destination for playing games online as well as offline.
  • Weather – To see Current or Forecasted weather.
  • Location Map – To find a particular location.
  • Social Networking – To stay connected with the friends and relatives.
  • Entertainment – Enjoying music or videos online.
  • News – To stay updated with the world.

Hence, we can say that people are addicted to the mobile as well as internet. And that’s the reason Mobile Websites are on the rise. Truly, mobile websites and desktop websites are different from each other or we can say that a mobile website is a second version of an original website transformed when visited through mobile. 17.4% of global web traffic comes through mobiles.

So, when designing a website for a mobile usage, we have to keep many things in mind like proper resolution such that it works on all Smartphones and Tablets, maps & direction for finding location, faster responsiveness, social media integration, contact information and much more.

As people are spending many hours on the internet; so these days, mobile websites are developed under the perfect guidance and that’s the reason they can surf efficiently.

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