How Technology Is Making Household Chores Easier

No one likes doing household chores. Sure, for some people the act of cleaning their castles is a therapeutic joy, but even if you are one of those people, you wouldn’t want your chores to take up all your precious free time, would you? Thankfully technology has made some tasks much easier and quicker, and continues to do so.

How Technology Is Making Household Chores Easier

Cleaning the house efficiently has been a frustration before the development of the humble vacuum cleaner. Remember when all you had was a broom and a feather duster? Using them got you all hot and sweaty, but what they didn’t get you was a clean house. They were only ever really good at displacing dust from one place to another. The vacuum cleaner changed that by actually sucking up the dust, and even an inefficient one got the same result as the broom in less time. But a vacuum cleaner still needs to be pushed around, and who wants to do that? Highly efficient people (don’t call them lazy) have flocked to the Roomba — a smart robot vacuum cleaner that cleans your floors without you having to lift a finger.

Cooking has also become drastically easier with the help of technology, even though we take most of our kitchen appliances for granted nowadays. We have electric ovens and stoves for cooking and baking, and electric kettles for boiling water. We also have electric refrigerators and freezers to preserve food, so that we don’t need to preserve food like our grandparents and great great grandparents did. One of the biggest kitchen innovations in recent times has been the smart fridge. Equipped with a touch screen LCD panel, you can tell your fridge what you put inside, and it will keep track of best-before dates and warn you if you are running low on something.

While we’re in the kitchen, have a look at your pile of dirty dishes. Are you going to wash them by hand? A lot of people still do that, and it’s an efficient enough way for small households. But the dishwasher has long been a great time saver for large families. The hardest task is packing the machine correctly.

And what about stocking your fridge and your cupboards? That usually required frequent trips to the supermarket for grocery shopping, but we don’t need to do that anymore. Online shopping has made it convenient and easy to order what you need from the internet, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Smart phones and tablets have simplified the process even further — many online stores now offer apps for your smart devices, so you can order pizza and anything else without even having to make a phone call or go to your computer. You can even use an app to find someone to do the window glass replacement for you.

With all that time saved, you can sit outside and enjoy a cold beer. But oh dear, the lawn needs mowing! Thankfully you don’t need to get a nasty shirt sleeve tan while pushing a lawn mower around on a sunny Saturday anymore. No, you are a smart person with a robot lawn mower. You only have to spend one afternoon setting up its boundaries, and then you can sit back and watch it work automatically.

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