What to look for in online printing service providers

Printing is an essential aspect of many business processes. For instance, businesses need to print brochures, flyers, stationery, folders, business cards, postcards, binders, calendars, stamps, stickers, office supplies, event tickets and envelops and many other resources in a bid to attain different goals making it paramount that they find ways of ensuring that they print such items when they need them.


online printing with eco friendly technology

Although it may be possible to undertake the printing work within the business premises, this usually takes up too much of business resources making it hard for it to concentrate on their core business processes. Additionally, the fact that every business needs to print high quality items at different times makes is uneconomical for a business that deals in something else besides printing to acquire all the necessary printing equipment, service them and maintain the necessary professional printing personnel for various printing tasks whenever they arise.

All this requires management, and finances, which can be quite costly hence making it necessary to outsource the printing job to companies that are entirely dedicated to offering printing services.

Although many local companies probably exist, many businesses are increasingly opting to use online printing solutions due to numerous reasons such as the ability of different printing companies to deliver services quickly, the need to avoid the hassle of going round town checking which company does work well and many other reasons.

Some of these include the low printing costs, the quality of output and the reputation of different online printing service providers. This doesn’t mean that you should choose any online printing company; some companies may not have outstanding services, hence the need to be careful on which company to choose to offer printing services for various items that you may want printed. You can do so by considering different factors in your selection.


Different online printing companies are likely to have different prices for their services. This pricing is dependent on different factors including the quality and nature of printing materials used, the urgency with which the work has to be delivered, the reputation of such companies and host of other reasons.

For instance, you will find that different companies have different prices for each of the printing services they provide. It is important to choose a company that has fairly affordable prices. However, this doesn’t meant that you should simply settle for the cheapest but one that will offer the most value for money.

You can do so by asking for quotations just to give you a feel of the prevailing market prices for different printing services. This can in turn help you in settling for the best deal based on the features in each package.

The print quality

Each printing company uses different printing products that are likely to yield different results. For instance, some will state of the art printing equipment and blend that with high quality printing materials to ensure that they produce the very best prints.

This would ultimately ensure that customers are likely to derive the most value from the printing services that such companies provide. The quality of prints is also determined by the level of quality control within such companies, which means that outsourcing printing services to a company that is keen on quality control will increase the likelihood of obtaining the best prints.

You can only tell about the quality of prints by requesting for print samples.

Printing technology

The printed materials that different companies need require different printing technologies. It may be impossible for a certain company to produce prints that match an organization’s printing preferences or demands hence the need to look for a company that can offer such services. Through that, such companies will have the confidence that they would receive the desired output.

Environmental concerns

If you are concerned about the manner in which different printing tasks are performed, it is always advisable to settle for a company that is clear on how it undertakes printing services. For instance, if you need a company that uses eco friendly printing services, you should settle for  online printing with eco friendly technology.

This may entail ascertaining whether the company uses such items like vegetable based printing ink, recyclable paper and complies with the relevant environmental laws. Actually settling for a company that has gone through an eco-audit is always a good idea.

Turnaround time

Each company promises to deliver the printed materials within a certain time. You should ascertain that the company you are considering to outsource the printing work to has a reputation of delivering all work promptly. The ideal company should deliver the printed materials when you expect them to be delivered. Essentially, you should receive the printed materials within the shortest time possible.

The nature of items you want printed

Some companies are known for printing certain kinds of materials better than others. For instance, some are best known for printing calendars while others are known for printing flyers, brochures, presentations, postcards, proposals, booklets, business cards and other advertising materials better, which means that you ought to settle for a company that is known to offer excellent outputs for the particular items you want to print.

The order quantity

You have to be certain that the company that you are outsourcing printing services to has the capacity to deliver the printed materials within the expected delivery time. You may want to contact the company to be sure that it can deliver the work promptly.


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