Kuala – Reliable Link Tracking for Affiliates and Performance Marketers

Undoubtedly affiliate marketing is one of the growing trends of the present times. Whether you run a small size industry or large establishment, affiliate marketing campaigns are now being entitled to boost businesses tremendously and earning hefty amounts. The glory of affiliate marketing programs is that it is deprived of any risk as you are only liable to pay once the results have been delivered. After this, you pay a referral fee to your affiliate partner for each lead or sale that is generated.

In the quest for building a successful affiliate program for your business, you need a get an affiliate tracking software that is designed to track every aspect of your affiliate program. Isn’t it? Therefore, as a program owner, the user will be able to see the results of all the affiliates, make approvals and clear all the payments. On the other hand, considering the affiliates, they will be able to see the traffic that they have generated and also the sales (and commissions) they have earned. Thus, for all these reasons, we are here with Kuala – the affiliate tracking platform which has taken the initiative to support your growth potentials and lead you to reach out to immense accomplishments.

What is Kuala?

Kuala is basically an affiliate tracking software that facilitates its clients with a powerful platform which ensures an unlimited growth and prosperity for their businesses. It gives you the ability to track, manage and optimize all of your marketing campaigns. You can even start an affiliate network and start accepting affiliates and promoting offers.

Link Tracking Reporting and Optimization for Performance Marketers and Affiliate Networks

Kuala encompasses several tools that help you create numerous marketing campaigns which are essential to boost online product sales, attract new visitors to your website as well as expand your brand reach and awareness, thus supporting every phase to make you outshine in every regard.

Are you the owner of small operations or running a huge production with billions of clicks? Well, in any case, Kuala is there for advanced tracking and reporting underneath a convenient dashboard where it let you keep an eye on the overall performance of your networks, manage your contacts and review all the related results.

Kuala authorizes you with the feature packages that surely contains everything you need, most importantly accurate tracking of sales. Through the power given for creating marketing campaigns and affiliate programs, Kuala provides us with mature experiences to come up with the best products for our businesses, thus forms an excellent base for generating millions of dollar in profit.

So, are you inquisitive about getting a guided demo about Kuala that how it really works? Well, the company’s expert product managers would be happy to give you a guided tour of the Kuala tracking platform for performance marketing.

What are the key features that Kuala offers to its clients?

Kuala was designed and actually tested by the industry experts who were able to cultivate good enough amounts through this astounding software. Let us have a look at its spectacular features that will never fail to impress you for sure.

    • Advanced tracking, attribution, reporting and analytics for links
    • Start an Affiliate Program or build an Affiliate Network
    • Provide your affiliates with the tools that help them to do well and eventually takes your businesses to the superior levels.
    • Automated Campaign Optimization
    • Create, manage and promote new offers easily
    • Simply lead distribution and management
    • Geo-tracking – route Clicks by User Demographics
    • Helpful reports that provide real-time update on traffic, clicks and conversions
    • Efficient management tools that provide you the ability to track your offers, advertisers and affiliates
    • Kuala is the only tracking platform with built-in compliance monitoring.
    • Fraudulent activities detection and its protection
    • The only network platform with granular reporting for everyone.
    • Manage your entire performance marketing business in one place.
    • All Kuala account levels get full access to comprehensive APIs without restriction.
    • Kuala is designed for everyone – any country – any currency.
    • Real-time dashboards and statistics on every account.
    • Custom tracking domains and Link cloaking

How much Kuala charge from its clients?

Kuala charges no setup or training fee from its loyal customers. The users need not undergo any contract or commitment requirements. All they need is to get registered and start immediately. Moreover, it lets you cancel your registration anytime.

Kuala offers three packages, tailored according to the need of various clients.

Get started with Kuala’s link tracking and performance marketing software

Package Cost Suitable for
Basic $49 per month Small businesses
Affiliate $299 per month Small Teams and Affiliate Programs
Network $999 per month Large Scale Operations


Kuala also facilitates you with the customization procedures. Just contact their dedicated team, and they will create a package type according to your preferences. Additionally, Kuala accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Union Pay, PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Final Thoughts:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn extra bucks as well as advertise your products and services online. However, in order to run efficient marketing campaigns and also to keep a proper track record of each and every bit of it, from marketing to earning profits and making payments, you need to utilize the right affiliate management software. And Kuala will definitely be your finest choice that can proficiently manage, promote and track your affiliate marketing efforts.

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