Review: Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Losing important data can be frustrating especially when this happens when you desperately want to use such data. Anything or anyone that promises to restore such data is definitely worth trying if there is no way you can capture it afresh. This is so whether you are using a PC or a mobile device since each of these is likely to have important information. For instance,  losing such things as important messages, multimedia files like photos and videos, phone contacts, reminders, browser history and bookmarks, notes and other personal data could be lost under different circumstances.

Depending on the type of device that you need to recover the data from, you might find certain data recovery software ideal for solving your problem. For an iPhone, the Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful tool for enabling people to restore any lost data from their iPhone.

About the JoyoShare iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery tool allows people to rescue data from iPhone, iPad and iPad touch in three simple steps; connecting the device, scanning the device or backup and recovering data. With this software, you can recover data selectively unlike in other data recovery programs like iTunes. With 3 recovery modes, your lost data can be easily and quickly recovered from iOS devices directly, iTunes and iCloud backup.

Recover More than 20 Different Types of Files

It can help people to restore messages, call histories, safari bookmarks, contacts, notes, camera roll, reminders, videos, photos, voice memos, WhatsApp messages and calendar data lost due to accidental deletion, damage of phone, losing of data when resetting the iPhone to factory settings or due to jailbreak or even when there is an iOS upgrade. This data recovery technique is also ideal in situations where the device is locked because of forgetting password or when data is lost after sync, reset or when damaged by Virus attack.

Highlights of the important features

» This data recovery software allows users to have a lot of control in the data recovery process unlike many other programs thanks to its unique features:

» It is capable of restoring data lost due to factory settings restore, physical damage from water or other forms of damage, iOS upgrade and from jailbreak.

» It features three data recovery modes one capable of recovering data directly from iOS devices even without any iTunes backup while the other recovers data from iTunes backup or from iCloud backup.

» It can recover almost anything that the iPhone does including call history, videos, messages, photos, camera roll, voice memos, calendar, reminders, notes, safari bookmarks, WhatsApp messages and other data from your iPhone in three simple steps.

» It supports different all types of mobile devices that run on iOS.

» It can recover data lost through accidental deletion, when infected by viruses, or when the phone is locked if you cannot remember your password. Even if you lose data after sync, this software is powerful enough to recover whatever was lost selectively, which means you don’t have to restore files you don’t need.

The usability

The software is considerably easy to use; you just need to go through a three-step process to recover all the lost data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For you to recover any lost data from your iOS mobile device, all you have to do is connect your device ,  scan the backup or the device and recover the data.

This advanced software also allows users to review the lost files before recovery hence making the recovery process interactive; you can choose which files to recover and which ones to delete completely. One great thing about the recovery software is its ability to perform read only and non-destructive scans and file recovery making it ideal for use irrespective of whatever files you want to recover.

Three powerful data recovery methods

Since you can lose data under different circumstances from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, the software allows people to approach the data recovery process from three angles; through restoring directly from the iPhone device and by restoring data from iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup.

  • Restoring from iOS devices
Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Tool

This is ideal if you don’t have any previous iTunes backup. All you have to do is run the software after connecting the iOS device. The lost data is recovered until it is overwritten with new data.

  • Restoring lost data from iTunes backup

If you lose your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad under whatever circumstance you can still recover your contacts, photos, videos, messages, camera roll, reminders, notes or voice memos through restoring this data from your iTunes backup. This approach also works perfectly if you lose data due to device damage, restoring to factory settings, jailbreak or crashing of device.

  • Restoring from iCloud Backup
Recover from iCloud Baclup

After launching Joyoshare, choose the third recovery method to restore the lost data from iCloud backup. Enter your account and password to log in the iCloud. Joyoshare promises that they never keep a record of your iCloud account info or content.


Joyoshare iPhone data recovery tool for Windows or Mac is certainly a software worth trying if you really want to recover your lost data from any iOS device. If you want to try what it can do before buying, it has a free trial version, which you can try. Since data is highly valuable, the Pro  version price is nothing if you can get all your contacts, messages, photos, videos, safari bookmarks, notes, calendar and other data from your damaged or lost iOS device.

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