Internet as a multifunctional tool

In the Net environment, there are as many dimensions that can be used by the people as many needs the people have in their everyday life and business. Almost every aspect of the human life has its reflection in the online world. Those aspects can include such basic needs like getting specific information that can be used in work or studying, entertaining and ending at leading the business. From year to year, the Internet is having bigger influence on the businesses. Some of them totally depend on it, especially ecommerce and e-marketing agencies. It also plays very important role in the circulation of information all around the world. The newest reports made by the journalists around the world are immediately uploaded on Twitter so everybody who is interested can follow them. The Web network became also the most reliable source of information and in the same time the most manipulated. Free access to the social portals makes them place where millions of news is being posted every day. The real art is to know how to distinguish the real from the fake ones.


Internet users

The biggest group of the Internet users consists of people in the age between 16 and 32 years old. Of course more and more old people are trying to learn how to operate in this environment. There are also services directed at this segment of people, plenty of medical and insurance ads are shown everyday to encourage adults to buy this kind of products. Considering the biggest group – young people, they are responsible for creating about the 80% of content in the Internet. This group has also the biggest influence on the online trends. Based on their opinions, the newest marketing solutions are implemented. Taking the closer look at the young people, I mean youngsters at the age between eight and twelve years old, we have to say that this is segment that is very susceptible on many types of manipulation. That’s why the very big part of the advertisements is directed at them, because they are the main source of clicks. This group is also exposed on the biggest number of threats that are lurking in the Web.


Security in the Web

In general, every user is exposed on the viruses and spyware that are widely distributed all over the Net, however the youngest users is the group that is in the greatest danger because of that. Situation looks like that because of many reasons. The bad influence of the Internet like pornographic websites and violent content may really hurt the kids mentality. This type of content is even able to create the youngest worldview in a very bad manner. The second thing that has to be mentioned as far as the security in the Net is concerned, is the threat of sexual predators. Virtual environment became a great place for various kinds of sexual offenders to seek potential victims. Usually they use the forums, chats and social media to create fake profiles and meet young users. After that, some personal data may be stolen like address, telephone number and photos. From this point it is really close to the serious tragedy.


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