Extreme Gaming Means Extreme Technology – How To get Your Game On

Having a great gaming rig is more than just L33T blinking lights and a couple of gizmos. Extreme gaming demands an extreme set up to make sure that you are able to perform at the top of your game.



Desktop Rig – Personal Power

Like a Formula 1 car is set up to suit the specific needs of each driver, so it is with gaming rigs. Your environment has to be right to give you the ultimate in-game immersion experience. If you are interested in building your own rig, it has to have several standard features that are capable of delivering the graphics and the power to lay waste to your worldwide opposition.


Your extreme gaming rig involves a little more thought than a normal PC. Gaming for hours means comfort, accessibility. Get rid of your functional desk chair and make way for the ultimate gaming chairs, which allow you to strap in and settled down for the ride.



Extreme gamers use large screen technology to enhance the experience and nothing less than a 26” will do for the serious gamer. Make sure that your monitor is able to handle multiple devices so you’re not swopping between Xbox and Play Station all the time. You do have both, right?



Software Sensations

You have to match what you’ve got on the outside with power on the inside. Extreme gaming software is a massive part of setting up an extreme gaming rig. Software allows you to fine tune your settings, overclock your CPU and make sure that your broadband is delivering on speed to avoid that lag. Your graphics card is probably the biggest investment for an extreme gamer and the bigger it is the hotter it gets.

Hanging out round the Water Cooler

Gaming is hot. Running an extreme game rig takes a lot of power and the most extreme rigs need some super-cooling to make sure that they are optimised to run efficiently. Water cooling, mineral liquid cooling, you have to make sure you’ve got something more extreme than a desk fan to keep your rig cool.

Take a look at this setup by Rusiko1979:

Pimped Peripherals

Part of the fun of setting up an extreme gaming rig is getting your peripherals right. Having the right mouse could be the difference between life and death when you’re in game. Products like the Cyborg R.A.T Gaming Mouse have completely adjustable settings so that you can make sure that it’s an extension of your hand. Don’t forget to invest in a gaming keyboard that is backlit so you have ease of access in the darkened room of your extreme game set up. Extreme gaming keyboards let you save key-combinations for extreme game play.


Serious Sound

Your headset is next on the list of pimped peripherals. An extreme gamer takes sound seriously. Dolby surround sound and noise cancelling headphones are the standard. You can also get headsets that plug into your mobile phone so nothing will disturb you when you’re entering ‘Skyrim’ for the first time.


Setting up your gaming rig can be done professionally, but that might be considered n00bish. If you’re a real extreme gamer, you’ll do everything yourself so you know you’re ready to rumble.

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