Hewlett Packard – A Pioneering Name In Modern Computing

Hewlett Packard company is also popularly known as HP, is among one of the leading American companies of computer hardware and solutions. It is based out of Palo Alto in the state of California. The foundations of the company had been laid by Bill Hewett and Dave Packard. Though started from a one-car garage in California this is now one of the largest multinational companies with offices and flagship stores in all major cities of the United States.


Hewlett Packard – A Pioneering Name In Modern Computing


There are dealers and authorized sellers of the products in every country across the globe. HP has several bases of operations and offices in other countries of the world as well. With time their business have spread internationally and found huge appreciation of users and buyers over the years.


Most of the Hewlett Packard products are aimed at the consumer market of individual requirements; however there is a wide range of software and hardware solutions that is also aimed at large companies and governmental agencies. Initially the company had started off with offers of computer hardware which has diversified in other technological developments over the years.


Broadly categorizing their main areas of work is development and manufacturing of computing hardware, data storage hardware and networking hardware. There are software packages for designing and delivering services also.  Apart from products for personal computing, there are servers manufactured by the company as per industry standards; various types of storage devices are another area of the company’s manufacturing forte.


The name of Hewlett Packard has somehow become synonymous with some of the best ranges of computers – desktops and laptops along with state of the art facilities for printing; the company has one of the largest ranges of printers that can effectively carry out several types of imaging services. The company has developed a well formed network of consultants; these professionals are able to make complete assessments of your requirements and provide customized solutions for the same.


Effective solutions are equally available for small and medium ranging businesses to even larger corporations and their multinational operations and solutions for similar capacities of work. In case of individual needs and household requirements the company offers perfect range of products along with a well developed customer care and assistance cell.


Hewlett Packard has not only earned a reputation of being a successful company over the years but even as a pioneer of environmental awareness and conservation practices. It has been awarded with several accolades of being an environmentally conscious and responsible company over the years. In 2009 it was voted as the number 1 company out of 500 companies in the United States for Green Rankings; this was achieved mainly because of its greenhouse gas emission reduction programs. There has been a conscientious effort made by the company to eradicate the use of toxic materials from its products ranges.


Over the years of its existence there are multiple products that the company has manufactured; it has successfully developed an international branding with high levels of technological efficacy and performance.

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