What are the most important things that any good recruitment software should have?

Starting doing computer based business processes online is a dream come true for entrepreneurs in the twenty first century. Entrepreneurs and managers of different business entities are always on the lookout for new inventions that allow them to make different processes within the businesses easy.

Recruiting, which is often among the areas that many businesses leave behind in terms of technological advancement cannot be overlooked because it determines the kind of people an organization hires and how these people affect business performance.

However, many businesses of all sizes are trying to modernize their recruiting function to cut on cost, maximize effectiveness and speed up the process and enhance efficiency and attain many other goals that such changes bring with them. Several points need to be put in mind when buying recruiting software at any stage of the way.

recruitment software


Ease of data retrieval

Any company will want to use recruitment software for different hiring needs based on various factors. This means data about jobs, candidates and status of applications should be readily available to make it easy to make decisions in different situations.

Therefore, the software vendor needs to provide all the necessary support and confirmation to current and prospective clients about how data is stored. An ideal recruitment service provider should have multiple file servers, which ensure instant back up of all data.



Finding an ideal candidate for a job requires people to evaluate different aspects of candidates to settle on the right person. It is highly unlikely that a single person can identify all the aspects with utmost precision irrespective of his or her experience in recruiting.

Any software that allows people to involve others in the recruitment process can be ideal in ensuring that people find the right candidate. You would be amazed by the ideas that some of your colleagues can come up with if you involve them. For instance, you can have some colleagues rate different candidates on their suitability for certain positions.

It is also necessary for recruiting software to have necessary features for internal and external communication. The purpose of such programs should be to make it easy for people to make decisions during the hiring process.

It makes sense for it to have in-built features for making communication quite easy by eliminating the need to communicate to others in the hiring team and the candidates through other systems. Through this, the recruiting team will have an easy time when following up on the recruitment process.


Is it fully auto?

If you are going to use any recruitment software, you will need something that allows you perform all the processes involved in the hiring process.  For instance, you may need to do psychometric tests on candidates to determine their suitability for various posts.

Fully integrated recruitment software like softgarden is expected to provide applicants with a seamless application process that is accessible through any device to allow candidates to do the necessary tests.

It should be easy to rate candidates based on the answers they provide for various tests. It should also be easy to integrate the software with different social media platforms to make hiring easier. For instance, ideal online recruiting software should allow candidates to apply through such sites as Xing and LinkedIn.

Additionally, it should be readily accessible on different platforms including on mobile, PC, tablets and other devices hence making everyone have a smooth application process. Scheduling of different activities within the application process should also be done within the system and notifications send to those concerned hence ensuring easy communication between all the parties involved.

For increased ease of access by candidates, it should be easy to integrate the software on your company website to make the entire process easy. This ensures candidates do not have to leave your website when applying for any vacancy, which makes the application process easier.


Search tools

Applying for a job can be frustrating when a website has too many jobs listed. In many situations, candidates are likely to give up on the application process when they cannot find the jobs they are looking for. Therefore, the search tool plays a very fundamental function in allowing people to narrow their search to the jobs they are interested in.

The manner in which the search tool within any recruitment software functions determines whether people will see the jobs they are looking for without any problems. This ensures employers attract the right candidates for whatever vacancies they have advertised for.

Organizations should consider the industry within which they are operating in since different recruiting software are designed for specific industries.


Usability and functionality

In as much as you want good-looking recruitment software, the performance of such programs should be your first area to concentrate on. You shouldn’t frustrate applicants with a system that takes them round in circles during the application process. Instead, you should find something that reduces the number of clicks that people have to do to send their application.


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