Get the Best Business Card App for Nexus

The Nexus is undeniably one of Samsung’s best smart phones to be released into the market. With some of the best specs bundled up in a smart phone, it is only sensible to stock up the phone with the best Android apps. Here is a list of the best business card app for Nexus.


CamCard Business Card Reader

Virtual business cards are quickly replacing the traditional business cards, which are prone to misplacements and they pose a storage challenge when they pile up. The CamCard Business Card Reader offers the solution to those who are looking for an easy way to store and organize their business cards. One of the merits that place the CamCard Business Card Reader above the rest is the great features it offers. The app allows users to save scanned business cards in desired groups on their address books. The app also has the ability to detect the contact information on the captured card image, automatically trim the card image and the saved cards can be accorded password protection. The free version comes with limited features, while the full app can be bought from the Android Market for $11.99.


Abby Business Card Reader

In a typical day, thousands of business cards are exchanged between business professionals. Within a week, every each business professional is likely to receive 15 to 20 business cards. Half of these cards are likely to be misplaced, if they are not stored appropriately. The Abby Business Card Reader comes to the rescue by allowing Android phone users to organize and easily access their business cards. The Abby Business Card app is very user-friendly and it is considerably faster when it comes to taking snapshots of business cards and uploading them to the device. The app also achieves a much higher accuracy rate compared to other apps.  The app is available in the Android Market for $9.99


MobiReader Pro Document OCR and Business Card Reader

The MobiReader Pro is an ideal business card reader and organizer for Android devices. The app comes with impressive features including the ability to detect contact information from the scanned card image and save the information in a relevant category in the address book. The app also functions as a document OCR (optical character recognition), placing it a notch higher above other business card apps. The app is available in the Android Market for $4.99.


ScanBizCards Business Card Reader

ScanBizCards Business card reader is an ideal app for people who are looking for a quick solution for their business card organization. The app scans cards in seconds and stores the card images on the phone book. The user can then make calls, send texts or visit the websites from the image of the saved cards. The app is available in the Android Market for $3.99.


WorldCard Mobile Business Card Reader

The WorldCard Mobile card reader app is easy to use and saves business card images in high definition. The app discards the need to enter contacts manually, and bys simply capturing the image of business cards the user automatically transforms business cards to phone contacts. The app is available in the Android Market for $5.99.

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