Future of FireFox is threatened

As we all know FireFox was threatening the usage share of Internet Explorer (IE) a few years ago but now the odds are betting against FireFox. When Netscape lost the browser war to IE, Mozilla took Netscape’s engine  and came up with FireFox browser. FireFox introduced lots of new web standards and made Microsoft to run behind its back on browser security and innovative new features. But those have become the story of past decades in the recent changes in the browser wars. This post is to analyze the threats FireFox is facing in its near and far future.


Threat 1 – Chrome:

Google Chrome simplified the user interface, memory consumption, speed and updates / release cycles. FireFox is still catching with the speed of chrome. Chrome is about to surpass FireFox’s user share in a few months.

Threat 2 – Smartphones:

After the explosive growth of smartphones, internet accessed through mobile is catching up with the desktop / laptop and expected to exceed by the early 2014. Unfortunately FireFox is left out in the game. Safari in Apple’s mobile products, Android browser in any Android devices, IE mobile for Windows phones. FireFox has mobile versions also but it falls under the category of alternate browser and it takes some time for the users to adopt.

Threat 3 – Revenue Stream:

90% of FireFox’s revenue came from Mozilla – Google deal to have Google as their default search provider and home screen. Recently Mozilla signed up for a deal with Microsoft to provide Bing as the default search provider and home screen. But if Mozilla loses the market share then it will hurt the revenue stream.

Threat 4 – Internet connected devices:

Similar to the smartphones other internet connected devices (ebook reader / tablets) are all having their own version of browsers. And more over you cannot install browsers in ebook readers like Kindle, Nook, Sony reader, etc. Even the recent Kindle Fire decided to have modified / stripped version of Android browser. FireFox has no chance of penetrating this market.
In tablet space, Firefox stands as alternate browser.

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