Best Free EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Tool for You in 2018

In the 21st century, we are depended on our electronic gadgets including smartphones, laptops, PC, etc for most of the essential data right from our office documents to videos & photos. In such cases, accidents like mistakenly deletion of data are prone to happen. If one has deleted data and the stuff has landed up in the trash bin of your device then it can easily be restored back. Even if you hold a backup for your important information then also the data can be retrieved back. But if you haven’t uploaded a backup or things have gone to extreme cases like corruption of drives then Mac data recovery software can help you.

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard

If you have suffered from a serious data loss then the first thing you should immediately do is stop panicking as that is not going to solve the problem, it is only going to land you up with more problems. Now, take a moment to be thankful to technology as it has provided a great solution known as EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard for free.

What is exactly EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac?

In simple words, it is a powerful Mac data recovery software that is available totally free of cost. It is not only available for Mac users but also for Windows platform. This software will help you restore deleted files from your device. It can easily access raw, non-mounting or corrupted files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can retrieve data from variety of places including internal and external hard drives, memory cards, USB device and much more. If you are an advanced user then you can restore files even from RAID and servers storage. It is a great software with easy to use UI, excellent performance and many other factors making it one of the most reliable Mac data recovery software present in the market.

Features Of Mac Data Recovery Wizard:

The software is loaded with immense number of features that are just amazing and excellent. Here we present you with the different features that the software has to offer to its users.

  • It has the option for full hardware scanning.
  • It is available on both major platforms : Mac & Windows.
  • It is quite easy to recover lost files.
  • It does recovery from optical storage, external drive, removable media, etc.
  • It even works to restore data from corruption partition files and deleted partition.
  • It can create a bootable USB device for the restoration of files after system crash.
  • It can provide backup support for the results scanned. This can come in handy in future or at least it can save time as there won’t be a need to again re-scan the whole device.
  • It gives you the option to search for deleted files right through Windows by using filters.
  • There’s the quick scan feature, that lets you scan your entire device pretty quickly.
  • The software lets you get back deleted files even from other drives formatted using using Mac HFS+ file system.
  • There’s the search bar that lets you search for a specific file among the search results.
  • There’s option to store the deleted files that the software has collected for you.

Guide To Recover Your Deleted Data Including Photos, Videos, Files & Other Important Data:

It is actually very easy to get back your files than you think. It is not any complex process that is going to take a lot of expertise instead you can start right away. First of all, double click on the software to open it. Now, choose a definite scan location and that can be anything from your external drive to a particular partition. Generally, in other programs you have to make a complete scan but in this case there’s no need for scanning of entire hard drive for the first time.

Locae the drive to Scan

Once the scan has begun, you will be able to see the progress bar on top of the software. There would be a countdown that would indicate the remaining time left for the scan to successfully get completed.

Recovery Progress

One can also preview and browse the files right before the scanning completes. It helps in naming the recovered files. Once your scanning is completed, you will be notified and after that you can search for files by category, type, video, document, graphics type and email.

Preview and Recover Lost Data

Now there are two types of content, genuinely deleted ones and other deleted due to different actions. The content deleted by the user will be stored in the recycle bin and the other will be stored in a sort of special folder, mostly marked as RAW. The software can easily get any type of content back. You just have to investigate the file name and proceed to recovery option.

Last and the final step would be to choose a desired recovery location. You can select any separate or external drive. The program is available at different price points keeping the needs of common users and IT Professionals in mind.

The free version of the software lets you recover data up to 2GB. If you want more then for sure you would have to switch to the premium plans. If by chance you don’t like the trial version then you have the 30 days refund policy.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Customer Support:

When it comes to the customer and after-sales support, EaseUS is at its best. There are hundreds of online articles, video tutorials and an user manual for the customer support. There’s also live chat option that lets you connect with the customer representatives. The live chat feature is only available during the business hours and if you want to make any contacts during the non-business hours then you will have to officially mail to EaseUS.

Final Words:

We believe EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the most efficient Mac data recovery tool that completely does what it says! It is a great product right from a common man to an IT professional.

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