Revamped Firefox Android App May Become the Best Mobile Browser Yet

firefox android mobile appWho doesn’t want a more speedy, more efficient, more anything browser? Naturally, curiosity and excitement has peaked over the Mozilla Firefox App that has is now available in the Google Play Store.

Before this, internet browsing on Android mobiles has not been that satisfactory. Android’s native browser is not nearly good enough to justify operating system’s otherwise excellent performance. Third-party apps like Opera or Dolphin browsers help, but are nothing exceptional. With Google’s very own Chrome and now Mozilla’s Firefox, Android is seriously giving Apple a run for its money when it comes to internet browsing.

With the Firefox app, Mozilla has put its money where its mouth is. Without a shade of doubt, the app is every bit as fast as it was claimed in the pre-release hype. It starts up really quickly and opens standard websites in a jiffy. Even some websites weighed down heavily by plug-ins do not take nearly as much time as other browsers. In terms of speed, Chrome and Firefox are running neck to neck. But Firefox can be installed in a plethora of devices that do not lend support to Google Chrome, so that’s a bonus point for the Mozilla app.

The Firefox Sync allows you to fetch bookmarks, browsing history, auto-fill form data and passwords. So far some features like tabbed browsing, Firefox Add-ons and Sync you had enjoyed in desktop browsing and wished was available in mobile too. With this version of Mozilla Firefox, you can have it all in your Android device. Flash videos and Flash games are no longer out of reach as this app allows you to go through so much more online content on the Web.

Another interesting modification is the Do Not Track feature. It is similar to Chrome’s Incognito window that allows you to browse without updating cookies or recording your browsing activity. Security and privacy issues have been thoroughly checked in this Firefox app as it comes with Master Password, HTTP Strict Transport Security and other similar features. You can stop impromptu ads from filling your tab by sticking to the default ‘Click to Play’ option.

Equipped with new HTML5 capabilities, this Android version of Firefox will help developers to develop apps using HTML5, Java, CSS and other Open Web Standards. You can play the BowserQuest multiplayer game in desktop and mobile versions of Mozilla Firefox to compare the efficiency of the two apps.


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