Electronic Books vs. Real Books, Which is Better?

Reading is one of the best habits which you can impart to your kids. They are not only learning a lot, but reading can help them have a wide imagination. Instead of buying them the latest game consoles, you should purchase books.


We have 2 types of books. We have the ‘conventional’ books. And with the emergence of the internet, you can now purchase the Electronic Books. However, which do you think is better? I have my own assessment and you might want to use it as your reference.


Pros of Electronic Books

You can save a lot of books in your gadget. Even if you buy hundreds of books at the same time, you can carry it as long as you have your android device. It’s as if you are carrying a very light book. You will never have to ensure back pains.  


You can buy one in just a click of a button. Since these electronic books are sold online, you can easily get what you want. Of course, you need a credit card in order to do so.


Cons of Electronic Books

It might get corrupted. What I don’t like about electronic books is that they are very prone to computer viruses. If your android is infected by one, you can’t really tell if your books will be damaged. What you have paid for the book will become useless.


Reading Electronic Books can strain your eyes easily.  I know that reading conventional books can be eye straining at times. But if you are going to compare it with reading electronic books, I must say that is more ‘eye – friendly’.


Pros of Real Books

It can last for generations. Do you know that I’m still reading my mom’s book? And just so you know, this book is older than me. It’s not just about the story itself. It’s about the memories the book had gone through for the past years.


You can easily share it with your friends. You can’t easily share electronic books. That’s different when you have a real book. You can just hand it down and you are all set. For electronic books, you have to purchase your own to be able to read it. Unless, your friend will let you borrow his android device.


Cons of Real Books

It can be pretty heavy. If you have a real copy, it can be very heavy. I’m talking about the best sellers and fantastic novels. But if you are addicted to reading, I don’t think that this is a big problem for you.


You can easily lose the pages. If you are not careful in reading books, you might tear it. That’s sad if you are about to pass it to the next generation. But if you are cautious, that can be a great gift for your kids.


To sum it all up, there are pros and cons which you can experience from electronic books and real books. I guess it’s up to you. If you are a person who’s more comfortable reading electronic books, that’s fine. But if you are an old school, you better stick with the hard bounds.


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