Easy Guide for iMovie Users

All Apple device users are familiar with iMove, the most famous video editor which works with almost any Apple gadget. How to import videos to iMovie is a question many Apple users have. The simplest way is to transfer videos from iTunes. MP4 videos from iTunes get uploaded into iMovie within a few minutes. But, what if there are videos in formats other than MP4 in your MAC? How to get them transferred into iTunes in a format compatible to iMovie. You should use a video converter. The answer seems simple enough. But, most of the converters compatible with MAC will not help you do this process easily. If they do so, they will convert just two to three formats of videos into MP4. All the rest will be rejected. Videos from your handy cam and other devices often lose the chance to enter iMovie and get edited due to this conversion compatibility issue.

Easy Guide for iMovie Users

Movavi video converter for MAC will solve this issue in just 5 minutes. Using Movavi you can convert nearly 180 formats of videos into standard iMovie compatible videos. This converter will help you view videos from more than 200 devices. Here are three easy steps to transform these unknown formats into Apple products by converting them.

  • Open Movavi video converter and click on Add Video button. Select the video you want from your library. Do not worry whether the video is compatible to iTunes or iMovie.
  • Select a preset. Since, all Apple devices have iMovie, select the name of the device from the Movavi converter preset, for example, iPad mini. Just click on Devices, Convert to and the Apple icon to get the long list of devices.
  • Now select the Add to iTunes button. Specify folders where you want the video file to be saved and click on Convert. The video will be automatically transformed into a format compatible with the device you are going to load it. Once it is loaded into the iTunes, export it to iMovie. Even DVD’s can be transformed using this method into your iMovie.

Besides loading video into iMovie, Movavi video converter for MAC helps you do a lot of editing work. 2D and 3D videos can be enhanced using their special effects tab. The video you upload will be suitable to watch in the mobile and other devices with the edited graphics without adding any extra coding. A copy of the converted file can be saved in the MAC if necessary. Slideshows can be created in a jiffy with 2D and 3D effects. A 2D video can be converted into 3D format. Webinars can be recorded live.

In addition to showing how to import videos to iMovie, Movavi video converter for MAC will teach you how to play around with various video and audio editing options without anybody’s help. Easy guides plus help tutorials and the most user-friendly interface makes this software a best seller in the international market. If you love audio, video editing this software is a must have no matter what your expertise in the field is.

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