Driving – More Important Than Your Phone Call

Five Ways to be A Better Driver
With several new advances in distraction technology, driving performance is going down in America. People who used to be good drivers are getting lax in their duties on the road. Why? For the reasons you will see below.


Get Off Your Phone:
I can’t tell you how many people I see on the phone when I’m walking, or driving, somewhere. People, get off your phones when you’re driving. Did you know that 1.6 million accidents (which is about a third of all the crashes that occur) happened because the driver was talking on their phone (or texting)?That is one million six hundred thousand accidents that don’t happen if people are smart enough to not talk and drive. If someone is calling, and you’re driving, call them back later. If you get a text, pull over and look at it. Do not drive and use your phone at the same time. Think of how much money, stress, aggravation and lives you can save by not touching your phone when you drive–1.6 million, that’s how many. Be smarter.

Fill Up Before You Go:
By this, I mean eat. Eating while driving is a bad idea. No matter how good of a multitasker you think you are (the claim that multitasking is an ability of some humans is currently under debate), it is just a better idea not to eat while you’re driving. So before you hit the road, make sure you tuck in to your breakfast (or whatever meal you eat before you head out the door). If you are so absolutely busy that you HAVE to eat and drive, bring tiny snack items that don’t have bags (like almonds); they will be less distracting.

Eyes On the Road:
Have you seen those new Mayhem commercials by Allstate Insurance? Those are pretty funny aren’t they? There is a new one where the Mayhem guy is in a car seat in the back and is throwing a tantrum, he lists that as mayhem and I think you’d agree. No matter what the disturbance in the back seat is, don’t take your eyes off the road for a second. If the situation gets such that it needs addressing, pull over. With safe driving, your mantra needs to be something akin to the adage “better late than never.” Because when it comes to someone’s life, never is a long time.

Be a Good Example:
Your kids notice a lot more than you think they do. If you talk on your phone while you’re driving, guess who thinks they can do that now? If you eat and drive, or mess with the cds or whatever else, guess who else thinks they can? Your kids are taking driving lessons from you before they can even ride a bike, make sure those lessons are good ones.

It is so important that you drive safely. Driving a car is an awesome responsibility that shouldn’t be taken for granted, ever. Make sure that you understand the importance of smart driving before you get behind the wheel, it could mean someone’s life.

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