A Domain Name That’s Already Registered Can Make Perfect Dollars and Sense [Infographic]

One of the most important steps to launching a successful website online is your selection of your domain name. In fact there would surely be those who would say that it can literally make or break a venture.

The reason is a great domain name that really catches the eye is something that is called T shirt worthy. This means that your domain name is so catchy that people will remember it simply by seeing it on a T shirt.

Over and above that making it easy for your potential site surfers to remember and spell so that they can easily type it into their web browsers without tons of errors is of insane value to your brand.

Other key elements are that fact that a domain that has already been registered can come with a loyal group of people who already know the site and even have it saved in favorites.

Depending upon how you get it the url may already have ranking in the SERP’s with search engine traffic to boot.

Many of the top url’s will have Alexa ranking and even page rank as well. This will be a huge boost in the minds of savvy surfers who have browser bars that display the Alexa ranking and page rank of a site when they visit it.

Another benefit that any public relations guru worth his salt will tell you is that a short snappy easy to spell domain name is so much easier to brand. Especially the one word super catchy ones that are just so much easier to get to stick than multi word versions.

One of the ways that people are acquiring these gold mine names is through domain brokers and auction houses that specialize in finding high value domain names and getting the rights to auction and broker them.

One of the advantages is that with the reputable ones you will generally get all of what you pay for and don’t have to worry about any of the domain names traffic numbers having been fudged.

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