The Diversified Uses Of Composites For Multiple Markets

We are living in a multi-material world. From aerospace to construction and automotive to marine, the widespread use of diversified materials in today’s major sectors of the economy are evident. Composites are one of them which are functional engineered materials, formed from two or more basic materials which, when mixed, bring on enhanced properties. Because of their flexibility, composite materials are employed by an array of fields including civil, marine and automotive engineering.

The use of composites makes it possible to produce absolutely light-weight plastic components. In addition, there are number of ways through which composites can be handled like it may be formed as fibers, layers and even in particles.

Composites Forming

Frimo takes privilege of offering some of the finest quality manufacturing supplies to the plastic processing industries for carrying out the superior quality forming and pressing tasks. Frimo’s diversified manufacturing equipment range comprises of number of tools and state-of-the-art plants to mass-produce RIM skins, creating insulation and processing composite materials.

Range of Tools and Equipment Designed For Insulation and Acoustic Components:

Acoustic parts manufacturing as well as insulation for automobiles and other operations that in particular require noise-erasure are very well achieved by Frimo’s offered custom-made smart solutions. Whether it is Press-pinching or Thermoforming, carpet forming or punching, one can avail everything at Frimo’s platform and that too tailor-made, which means all the catered apparatus, would be in alignment with the client’s specific set of requirements.

Custom-made Tools Targeting OneShot Technology:

The blend of numerous technologies and operations in a single pace is called the OneShot technology. This is principally significant in textile industries and sustainable raw materials which are needed to be managed in one step to complete a component. Frimo has devised a modular mechanism that enables tailor-made, convenient configuration of the OneShot system accompanied with all the necessities. In addition, numerous units, such as heating station, part-removal station and many other units can also get incorporated into a plant.

Specialized Custom-made Tools For Combi:

Combi basically enables diversified technologies to be integrated in a single tool, ensuring more competent plastic manufacturing. Generally, processes like laminating, punching, foaming, joining and forming are involved in the combined procedures. These processes employ variety of materials and varied combinations in the procedure, resulting in exceptionally fast yet very affordable production. Frimo’s outlined optimized combi solutions give users product-oriented personalized solutions. Tools offered are made from high-quality steel and cast steel along with nickel shells, aluminum as well as cast aluminum, giving customers an array of choices to pick a tool that caters their needs.

HyPress Hydraulic Presses:

Hydraulic presses are used to achieve multiple of tasks including forming, foaming, pressing as well as punching. Frimo offered HyPress Hydraulic machinery is absolutely flexible and can get adapted to the client’s personal set of needs. In addition, it also offers variety of choices, accurate results and compact equipment layout.
Today, Frimo has something for all industries and businesses affiliated with composite manufacture. Composites forming is indeed changing an approach of achieving manufacturing tasks across all the major sectors and are still growing and flourishing by adding countless other possibilities.

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