Did You Know The iPad’s Split Keyboard Has Hidden Buttons?

Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about the iPad, one more feature pops up. This one has to do with the split keyboard on the virtual keyboard of this popular tablet. Read on to find out more on the hidden letters you may have not known about here in this quick article.


Some Secrets Lie In The iPad Split Keyboard


The iPad is one of the best touch screen tablets in the world. Its popularity can not be contested. It has aftermarket accessories that can make it look and act like a laptop of sorts. But Apple tries to help at times and includes new features in the updated versions of iOS. One of those is in the iOS version 5.0 This version has a virtual split keyboard that has some features you may not have seen yet.


Where Are Those Hidden Buttons?


When typing on the iPad split keyboard there are hidden buttons included. The QWERTY layout is followed and split at the “T, “G” and “V” buttons. These buttons have some invisible helpers. For example, if a person touches to the right of the “T” button, the letter “Y” will be typed. The “G” button can do the same, but if a person touches to the right of it, the letter “H” will be typed. If you have already guessed about the “V” button, yes, it is has the same feature, but types a letter “B”.


Apple Did Not Tell Anyone About These Buttons


None of the above features are revealed by Apple. Unless you happen to read about it here in articles like this, you may never find out. The invisible iPad buttons are just for those who have their tablet updated to the iOS 5.0 version. Others are not included. The other side of the iPad split keyboard is equipped with the same invisible buttons, but for different letters. The “Y”, “H”, and “B” letters will have hidden “T”, “G”, and “V” buttons to their left in that order.


The Hidden Buttons Increase Productivity


The regular iPad split keyboard is not the only setup with these features. The “numbers and special characters layouts” also has invisible buttons. The split happens at the number “5”. Just to the right of it is the hidden numeral “6”. Touching just to the right of the “5” will type out the number “6”, similar to above. The reason for these hidden numbers and letters is easy to figure out once you start using them. The split keyboard is split to allow the thumbs to hit those hidden buttons. In a unified virtual keyboard, the thumbs are usually only used for the space bar. If the thumbs can be used more often, the typing speed can be increased. In a world where people need more time, this is a very good idea.


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