Convert iTunes DRM Protected Music To MP3 on Mac

Have you purchased your cherished music file from an online music store, but not capable to relish it over other gadgets? This appears like the file’s DRM protection causes a clash. Such types of media files are usually an obstacle for the users. Acquiring some of the preferred music doesn’t appear to be great except for they can be relished in all places. Eliminating the DRM shield is essential to meet the purpose.

There are countless Software’s accessible over the web which is labeled as a DRM converter. However, majority of them can’t cater the anticipated turnout to the users. If you also fall under the category of those who tested many of them, it is certainly the right time to give AppleMacSoft DRM Converter a try. The best past is it precisely does what it labeled.

Convert iTunes DRM Protected Music To MP3 on Mac

Holding this in your Mac apparently means you are now capable to convert iTunes DRM protected music to MP3 on Mac. The speedy processing ability along with various amazing features makes it an ideal choice for true music lovers.

AppleMacSoft DRM Converter 3 – At a Glance:

The software basically features converting mechanism to transform all iTunes media files like audiobooks and Apple music to a wide array of formats that backs nearly all familiar devices. Disregarding the DRM protection, it can transform them to the regular audio formats for backing in almost all platforms such as Android, Sonos, handsets and Personal computers.

Supported Features:

Amongst number of available DRM converters, AppleMacSoft DRM converter 3 has its individual exclusiveness.

Result-Oriented Yet User-Friendly Interface:

The ease of use and user-friendliness are certainly the most significant aspects the good software should possess to deliver efficient results. The AppleMacSoft DRM converter 3 offers simple yet highly result-oriented functionality that makes it absolutely convenient for users to convert iTunes DRM Protected Music to MP3 on Mac.

Eliminates DRM Protection:

The software is profoundly suitable of eliminating the DRM protection of your music files in a swift manner. Now, you don’t require waiting for the procedure to get finished. By following guidelines to transform the files, the protection will get automatically removed, allowing users to enjoy the music over any of their preferred device.

Transform Audio Files:

One of the most considerable uses of this DRM converter by Apple is the smooth conversion of audio files, which apparently means you can convert files whether they are shielded or not. The process begins by choosing the music you wish to convert along with the output format and by just clicking the button will give you the desired output.

Splendid Audio Quality:

Merely transforming the audio files in any of your required formats doesn’t appear to be exciting if the sound quality is low. But luckily, the AppleMacSoft DRM converter 3 ensures high-quality audio output. In addition, the users can also twist the sample and bit rate to maximize the result file to fit their requirements.

Smooth Output Formats:

The software provides numerous output formats, including AAC, MP3, AU, MKA and many more. Now you don’t literally need to bother about the compatibility issue as this amazing Apple software is going to do all things seamlessly.

iTunes Integration:

Now users don’t need to import individual music files to the software as the AppleMacSoft DRM converter completely assimilates with the iTunes and also carries the files from it.


  • A permissible procedure to transform DRM shielded files.
  • Can transform audio files which are not protected by DRM.
  • Exceptional audio quality.
  • iTune assimilation.
  • Various output formats.


  • There is nothing in this software to add the cons.


If you are a big music fan and desire to enjoy the DRM shielded files in the device of your choice, you just can’t miss the chance of using Apple’s offered this amazing software. Alongside offering the basic conversion benefit, the inclusion of various features makes it an excellent pick for all. Click here to download the software.

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