What do Cloud Storage Providers do and Can they be Trusted?

Nowadays, many people are using cloud storage for their personal or professional business. What is it all about? It is a model of networked online storage, generally hosted by companies which operate large data centers. Cloud Storage Providers are able to deliver services to improve the speed, quantity and quality of IT resources. There are many options in the market, as the number of Cloud Storage Providers increases continuously. New data storage methods seem to be more convenient than traditional ones, but there are also some weaknesses. Cloud computing is still a new technology and needs to solve a couple of concerns in order to provide a more stable and secure solution.

Cloud Storage

One type of cloud storage is an all-in-one hard drive like system. It allows users to store; share or update their files directly from the Cloud Storage Provider. Another group type is for back-up services. Users can only back up data to an online system. To update the files, users need to download them and then re-load them to the Cloud Storage Providers hosting service. Other Cloud Storage Providers allow users to download a desktop application which give them an easier access. Cloud storage services may be accessed through a web service application interface, a web-based user interface or a cloud storage getaway.


There are many guides telling how to select Cloud Storage Providers. Prices are low and competitive. And more important, people only have to pay for the cloud services when they use them. This is possibility for small businesses to save some money, avoiding investing into a personal data center. When choosing Cloud Storage Providers, the basic things to have in mind are storage size, price, application and functionality. Purchasing from an established Cloud Storage Provider is best. Online data retention reduces the cost and offers huge space cloud, and there’s no need to keep any device at home or at the office.


When using a Cloud Storage Provider, data is encrypted and secure once they are uploaded to the cloud. Syncing application upload the information that becomes available automatically for all your gadgets, and sharing option is very easy whether it is a single file or a folder with hundreds of documents. Online storage services are ideal for collaboration, because more people can edit a single document. Servers cloud storage adds a layer of protection for important files whose backups are moved to a safer place. In the event of data loss will be recovered from the backup immediately.


Another important thing is accessibility – data stored online can be accessed by all the gadgets, from tablets to smartphones, laptops or desktop PCs. It may be a problem if there is a technical issue at the facility delivered by Cloud Storage Providers. If a cloud server is down, users may need to employ a fail-safe option and use a cross-cloud backup system to access their data if a problem occurred. Also, the access to data relies on the Internet connection. The safety of the files depends upon the hosting websites. When data is distributed at more locations, it’s increasing the risk of unauthorized physical access to the stored files.

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