Five Convenient New Ways Technology is Changing the Average Workplace

There’s no question that technology has heavily impacted how society operates today. Since the dawn of the E-mail era, advancements in mobile computing have made everyone more connected.

Technology has given us the ability to instantly share information, media and ideas from virtually anywhere in the world. It’s quite clear that socializing and entertainment has changed tremendously in a relatively short period of time.

Business Technology

Technology is also impacting our workplace structure and has begun changing what we once viewed as the traditional office work environment. There are numerous ways technology is entering and altering the way we work, but none more so than the ability to telecommute and work from home.

Many businesses have readily adopted this practice to provide convenience to those with long commutes or personal circumstances. The success and popularity of allowing office employees to work from home has contributed to further changes taking place in office buildings today.

As older generations of workers are retiring, younger generations have contributed to technology’s impact on work environments as well. While it was once considered prestigious to have a big office, younger employees prefer open work environments for group collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

Many businesses have already took notice to the creative and productivity benefits of this technologically driven work structure. Because computing technology has become focused on mobility, employees are no longer limited to sitting at a desk to complete tasks or share information with co-workers.

Interestingly enough, these changes in office work structures could not have happened at a better time. Many leases for office space will soon be reaching their contractual end. Businesses are supporting telecommuting and employee work environment preferences with the added benefit of saving substantial amounts of money.

Reducing office space under new leases will provide a break for many businesses that are struggling in the current economy. Furthermore, telecommuting workers also eliminate the need for office space and workplace resources that further reduce company expenses. A technologically driven work atmosphere also supports greener business practices by eliminating waste. Overall, technology is entering the workplace for 5 key reasons


  • Telecommuting and working from home is preferred by many employees.
  • The younger generation prefers mobile computing in an open atmosphere over large offices and cubicles.
  • Productivity and creativity improvements have been seen by businesses that allow telecommuting and mobile work environments.
  • Employee preference benefits the budget of many businesses.
  • Environmental benefits of reduced driving by telecommuters and sharing data digitally to reduce paper used for printing.


Technology will likely continue to advance and change the way we live, work and interact. Stiff office environments are becoming a thing of the past. Where you once were expected to knock and wait for someone to say come in, you could be holding meetings and using an audience response rental in the future. Whether you like it or not, technology will continue to impact the workplace and shape the way we work together.


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