5 Easier Ways To Boost Ailing Internet Connection

As technology evolves, the need for a reliable internet connection keeps increasing day by day. Every household now have one or two internet connection setup standby for one purpose or the internet. Even, mobile broadband internet technology has been extended to cars – this means, cars made from four years ago till date can now has in-built internet access via auto-net technology.


Truthfully, technology has enhanced the way we do, relate, talk, eat and even sleep!


But, the rate of development of these technologies in some countries defer from the other. In the middle east, some Asian nations and America, people living in this kind of region enjoys high speed internet connection while those in Africa and some other part of the world has low speed internet.


Internet Connection

What could have been the reason?


Low level of technology developments in these areas could be said to be one of the factors affecting the quality of internet connection in circulation.


Even, governments in many of these nations have once in a while called on foreign  investors to come and invest in high-end technologies in order to reduce the low rate of internet access that’s been served. But, all the efforts proved abortive!


Which way to go?

If everything seems not to work, the way forward for people living in these kind of nations need to perform some tasks which would help them have fast speed access even on low signal.


Here are the things you needed to do in order to have good speed internet no matter the condition:


Invest in Good Machines

The type of PC you’re using could also add to the factor that limits your internet access in case you don’t know – when you have a computer performing at a lower pace, the kind of output you’re going to get won’t be enough for the internet to run fast.


I have had a personal experience of this when I was still using the Samsung mini PC. The computer takes ages to load and upon loading, it will freezes a lot until I became helpless and changed.


Use Good Firewall for Protection

Firewall helps computer avoids unauthorized access from all forms of angle and if you want to secure your internet for good performance, you must enable firewall setting. Firewall would help you shield away virus, trojans and other people trying to access your Wi-Fi or wireless network without permission.


And also, you must use good router with better security. Enable the security option of your wireless router so that you can browse flawlessly.


Enable Network Sharing when necessary

Although I have told you to enable firewall security, but you will still need to share network – so, enable network sharing when  only necessary. There may be time when you would need to share your connection over other computers in your home or with your friends, what you need at such point in time is to connect wireless network and when there’s no one using them, disable immediately.


Never switch-on your wireless connection while not in use.


Disable Automatic Updates 

It is one thing to browse and another thing to browse fast with satisfaction, and one of the factors that usually affects download and upload speed when the user is browsing is automatic windows update. By default, Microsoft enable all its computers to automatically download and install updates in orderr for them to function perfectly. But in most cases, most of these updates aren’t useful if you consider them because they’d either complicate issue or make the computer works even better.


So, it is advisable for the user to check each update before downloading them.


If the automatic update is enabled by default, it will continue to consume most of your internet bandwidth without your knowing and that would cost you extra monthly internet fee.


In conclusion

Obedience is better than sacrifice and this is why you must take proper care of your internet connection usage by making sure all of the above factors are properly monitored.


Are there other ways you think we could use to bring an ailing internet connection back to life? Please share them with me in the comment section below as I shall be expecting them.

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