Review: Best Proxy Service for Blocked Websites

Since its formation, surfing the web has become so prevalent over the globe than actually surfing real waves in the sea. Honestly, the span of time that majority of people consume on the internet is known to overpower sleeping and even eating.

Proxy sites are definitely a lifesaver when we attempt to approach valuable websites but found them obstructed by our institution, government or ISP. Generally, in case you try to connect any gaming site or social networking portal in your college or at work, you will see them blocked. In many cases, the website holder himself restricts the access in your region. But, if you still desire to approach those restricted web pages, proxy websites is the only solution.

There are hundreds of unblock proxy choices available these days and to select one that is effective yet very easy on pocket is a daunting task. Today, as per user reviews and the features and benefits the product offers, the best unblock proxy for blocked website is none other than the Smart DNS Proxy.

Review: Best Proxy Service for Blocked Websites

As name suggests, the Smart DNS Proxy provides its users a highly smart solution to unblock the pages they’ve always wished to visit and due to this fact, it has also been ranked as one of the best unblock proxy for blocked websites. In a nutshell, it is a mechanism that ensures exotic streaming support.


The Smart DNS Proxy’s features are absolutely attractive in character. The product offers unblocking ability of seven extensive websites including:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Hulu
  • Vevo
  • Netflix
  • iPlayer

Besides facilitating users with the unblocking service, Smart DNS Proxy also aids in approaching around 133 music as well as video streaming services over 32 countries around the globe.

Safety and Privacy:

The security and privacy procedures are well designed and these procedures offer considerable accuracy regarding business policies of an organization. Contingent upon privacy policy, the company distinctly indicates why they gather information from the consumers. It is primarily for handling disbursement of bills.

Excellent User Experience:

While using the Smart DNS Proxy site, the first and foremost thing you will notice is its excellent design and layout. The website on one hand ensures complacent navigation and on the latter you will find it extremely convenient to work with.

Wide Range of Supported Devices:

As compared to VPN, the tremendous advantage of this best unblock proxy for blocked websites is its support for large number of devices. Some of the experts have also performed few of the tests with this latest software on smart TV and also on router. The results achieved suggested easy installation, up to the mark results and excellent internet speed as well as the streaming quality.

Signing Up:

The setting up and signing procedure is absolutely simple. You just require entering your name, a mail ID and also a password to get started. In case you wish to avail the trail version, you don’t require providing your payment details.


The company offers number of plans to the users. Each plan features suitable pricing policy. Notably, every subscription plan comes with a free of cost trial facility that covers 14 days without obligation of providing your payment information. Customers can avail from monthly, 3 months, 12 months or 24 months plans.


As per expert’s opinion based on overall functionality and performance, Smart DNS Proxy is the best unblock proxy for blocked websites. The company bids amazing customer assistance and users can have an access to their favorite pages without any blockage in the most secure of the ways possible.

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