Best Phone Apps In The World

The best thing about the internet-age is the amount of possibilities, which are, literally, within reach. The problem is sorting through them all for the ones that really speak to you.

To make things easier, we’ve collated a list of our favourite apps. Have a look and you might find something you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Best Iphone Apps In The World

Plants vs. Zombies

Sometimes, you just want to turn that commute into a fun activity and nothing says fun like zombies tearing up your garden. Like all the best games, it’s simply to play – the zombies advance, you repel tem with melons and sweetcorn – and a more than a little bizarre – the zombies advance, you repel tem with melons and sweetcorn.


Perhaps a more adult app, OpenTable allows you to place last-minute reservations for dinner on the move. 15,000 restaurants in the UK, US and Canada participate in the scheme and you can search for the right one by type of food, price-range, time required and customer ratings.The app will also let you know which restaurants have free tables close to your location.


We don’t get the name, but Epicurious is perfect when you stop off at the supermarket on your way home. All you have to do is enter the ingredients you have in your kitchen and then the app will suggest recipes you can make (and the extra ingredients you’ll need). There’s no need to gamble on the recipes either, as they all have a percentage of people who’ve already made and liked it.


If you want distraction, but don’t fancy the usual ‘hit this with this’ format, then Pictureka might be the app for you. The app presents you with a cluttered screen of different objects and then challenges you to find a group of particular items (items of fruit or space equipment, for example). It’s incredibly addictive, similar to Where’s Wally, but far more portable.

Lose It!

Phones can tend to be a constant reminder that work always needs done, but it can also be a motivator for good. Lose It! Is a calorie-tracking app that takes your current stats and gives you a daily calorie allowance to reach your intended weight. Simple, but highly effective.


Despite its unfortunate American misspelling, ColorSplash is a great and easy to use app for giving your phone’s photos an extra dimension. This app allows you to change any photo – and section of a photo – from colour into black and white. It has to be seen to be truly appreciated.


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