Best Apps for Traveling and Navigation

The information age carries some intangible benefits that we are already starting to take for granted. Not only are we fully vested in our ability to compute from home and work, but we are also expected to have the same capacities while we are away from home, on the road, or otherwise moving through life.

Apps for Traveling and Navigation

What once required a large personal computer case on your desktop, brought into full vision by a tube monitor the size of a beach ball, can now be realized in the palm of your hand. Mobile technology changes the playing field for most users, but travelers and others in need of accurate navigation and travel data benefit the most. People on the move, need technology that is capable of going with them – it is as simple as that. As a result, worthy travel apps are popping up to address all kinds of concerns for leisure and business travelers.

There are countless aids for those on the go, so we’ve explored only a few of the many options here.

National Rail Enquiries

UK’s official source of train information operates as a sleek app for frequent travelers on the UK rail system. You can handle a number of travel needs using this comprehensive app, which includes access to the official timetables of daily rail routes. The Journey Planner allows users to weigh their options and plot their travel course remotely. Fare finders help app users locate the most affordable travel options, even facilitating the purchase of tickets using the mobile app.

Additional information about train stations and destination locations are included as part of the mobile experience provided by the National Rail Enquiries UK travel app. The app interfaces directly with the rail network, furnishing up the instant information about on-time arrivals and departures, and platform information for various stations. Theoretically, you can follow your train as it moves through the system, pinpointing its exact location at any given time.

GPS Navigation

Not so long ago, people relied on their own internal compasses to guide them through their travels. Today, technology enables mobile devices with uncanny capabilities for directing us across thoroughfares worldwide. Maps are nothing new, but holding them in the palm of your hand, electronically is a slightly different experience for modern users; especially now that navigation devices speak to us directly. This navigation tool beats many other apps, using turn-by -turn directions and other features to help users stay on track. No network connection is required for the app to function, making it an ideal choice for flexible travelers seeking reliable guidance.

Translator with Speech

English is widely understood among many nations, so English speaking tourists have some luck sticking to the language for international communication. However, communication is improved greatly; especially in some locations, when you are able to translate some of the basic daily phrases into the native languages of the regions you travel to.

Translator is an excellent way to cover yourself for a variety of circumstances. The app provides accurate translations for more than 70 languages, making it easy for users to adapt while traveling. Essentially, you just enter the phrases or words in question, and the app helps you find the translation for whatever language is requested.


Food is a big part of travel, so this app helps fill in the blanks for diners unfamiliar with their surroundings. Responding to your input and reviews provided by other diners, Zomato helps guide your restaurant choices; taking some of the guess-work out of travel dining. The intuitive app also pairs your tastes with known restaurants; creating recommendations that may appeal to you.

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