AudFree DRM Audio Removal & Spotify Music Converter Tool

AudFree has come up with a fully-fledged DRM audio converter for Mac, which indeed gives you complete dominance over your music files. It will let you convert any format of music files that you wish to have on your playlist. Whether it’s a DRM-ed track from iTunes or Apple music it just helps you to get out of the DRM restrictions over the files and allow you to enjoy your favorite music.

What does the AudFree DRM Audio Converter for Mac exactly do?

The converter stress on two things in particular;

  • Removing DRM locks from iTunes, Apple Music and unlocks DRM from Audiobooks.
  • Converting DRM-ed and Non-DRM audio files into different formats.

AudFree DRM Audio Removal

DRM as the name indicates comes up with certain restriction over your favourite music and playlist. It denies you in listening to your favorite track on Apple music as it is played on only some of the authorized devices.

Getting closer to this DRM removal software, you will find it more user friendly as it allows you to get rid of the DRM and that lets you access all the songs that are available in iTunes music library even if you unsubscribe from Apple music.

The DRM removal software even acts as a removal tool which can permanently delete DRM protection iTunes M4B, M4A, and Audible AA. If you wish to convert or free any audiobooks the DRM removal software will make it more reliable for you to access the audiobooks with ease on your device.

The software has been packed with some extra features rather than having the DRM Audio removal software. It allows you to convert your favourite playlist songs to any other format that you wish to have on your device with just a click away. For example, you can choose iTunes M4B file from your playlist and this can be converted to MP3, WAV or any other popular format.

Other features and add-ons in AudFree DRM removal software

  • It takes all the ID3 data from the source file and keeps the ID3 tags in the produced file that includes chapters, genres, album, covers, title, and date.
  • It also allows you to change the audio parameters like bit rate, codec and channel manually.
  • It coverts 30× faster while converting the Apple music to other formats.
  • You can even cut the track in between and convert into your favourite format.
  • Multiple files or tracks can be added at same time.

Click on AudFree DRM removal software to download the software.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter for Mac

Spotify is one of the trending and leading beasts in online music streaming. They use the Ogg Vorbis format in every song they have released, thus it becomes difficult to listen to our favourite track on some devices.

AudFree brought an end this by bringing Spotify music converter for Windows in action. This software helps you to convert Ogg files to common music formats like MP3, ACC, WAV, M4B etc. with the same quality as it is in the original track.

Features of Spotify music converter for windows

Downloading Spotify music while you remain offline: Only premium users had the privilege to listen to the music if you were offline. Spotify music converter for windows demolished them with there feature to listen to songs when offline and that too for free. All you have to do is, just drag down your favourite track from Spotify to AudFree and the track will be downloaded instantly.

Spotify music converter for windows

Spotify music converter for windows also unlocks the DRM copyrights which allows you to play the tracks on any of your devices. The removal tool completely removes the DRM while downloading it from the Spotify.

The converter makes it vaster and wider by letting it play in any sort of device without the premium plan of Spotify. You can use in your stereos, MP3 players, PC, and mobiles. You can even store in USB drives or SD cards.

While you convert it from Spotify to your favourite format, Spotify music converter for windows will make sure that quality of the track remains the same and you will get know it when listening to the output of the song.

Another feature highlighted in the Spotify music converter for windows is well organized music library, the tracks have been arranged in the order of artist and album.

You can even make changes to the parameters of audio by reducing or increasing the bit rate or sample rate.

Add-ons feature of Spotify music converter for windows

  • The download speed is 5X in both downloading and converting the track.
  • It replicates the same ID3 tags while producing the output from the original.

You can easily download by clicking Spotify music converter for windows. Keep your software updated to get the latest add-ons in the software.

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