Apps which fend our privacy from unauthorized user

Most of the people today are using mobile phones and the device has a lot of applications to use. According to the analysis, 75 percent of people are using smart phones. So the fact is, technology is well improved.

In the latest technology, securing our phone is one of the challenging tasks because many companies and hackers hack our data like text and voice. This is one of the drawbacks of their business development because they have a lot of company secrets if it leaks it would create many problems. Therefore, people have become cautious about having their personal conversations safe and secure. Finally, we have the solution for our problem by encrypting technique to protect our personal information from the third persons.

Encryption technology

Apps which fend our privacy from unauthorized user

Encryption is nothing but a translation of our data into the secret code and this change the text into the unreadable format and it cannot be read by computers or a person without a key. If someone planned to read our encrypted files first they have to access our password or secret key that enables to decrypt it after that only they can read our privacy. Therefore the main purpose of encryption is to protect the privacy, data stored on the system or mobile phones. This is one of the most effective ways to protect our data from hackers.

How encryption works?

Sometimes most of us required an authorized message and need to keep the content privacy. There are millions of applications are available in the app store or play store, but at the same time we have to know how it will work and the application follows some unique procedure to encrypt.

During encryption, the application generates a separate key for a person at each time of use. The secret key encoded the message conversation and the key become invalid immediately after we go offline of the service. This service is available at all time and it is an independent service provider.

The encryption makes electronic and man in the middle attacks (MMA) is impossible during the encryption. This type of encryption also encrypts the contact information of the person, texts, audio calls and they assign a password to each case. So from encryption, we cannot feel insecure during the conversation. This kind of encryption mostly helps the business developers from eavesdropping and people as well as. Check this detailed guide.

Frequently used message applications

There are lots of applications are available, but some of them only having the encryption and that application are mentioned below.

  • Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the famous messenger applications among the people. This application is started as an alternative to normal text message. Whatsapp supports multi kind of message like text, audio, video, calls, sharing of documents and so on. Recently this application started encrypting everything we send.

Whatsapp scored 6 out of 7 marks of the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) score card. So in this application, we can send the message which is fully encrypted and fully secured.

  • Facebook chat

Facebook chat is an instant messaging application with our friends in real time. This application supports one to one conversation as well as to chat with multiple friends through group chats.

Facebook chat having the encryption on one side only which means transmitting side only and the receiver does not have the encryption and it could encrypt as soon as possible in the receiver side. This application scored 2 out of 7 marks on the EFF’s score card.

  • Skype

Skype is also one of the social media applications and doing things together, whenever we apart. In this application, we can share photos and videos with a simple method. With Skype, we can share a story, someone’s birthday, learn different languages and hold the meeting with our friends.

The registered users are identified by unique user name and maybe it is listed in the skype directory and this is one of the main advantages of this application. But this app got a score as 1 out of 7 from Electronic Frontier Foundation.

  • Viber

Viber is used by billions of people to make free audio calls and video calls. In addition to that, it allows us to send normal text, free picture message. This app will available on the android, windows, and iOS smart phones.

Viber gives the customer all over the world the ability to connect with one on one message service or group chats. From this application, message encrypts on the transmitting side, not in the receiver side, but the company could access them if ordered too and it got the score of 2 out of 7 from EFF for encryption.

The best application

There are a lot of applications are available in the market for security purpose and we only have the responsibilities to choose which application is best. Here some best applications are listed.

  • Signal

Signal application allows us to take part in a completely encrypted voice call. We will be able to use this particular application with the internet connection. Using Signal application, we can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees and we can create groups so that we can chat in real time with our entire colleague at once. We can share media all with complete privacy.

Signal is Free and Open Source. We need to give a phone number so that the application will verify the identity of the user and there are no separate usernames, secret key, logins, pattern or PINs to manage or lose.

  • Telegram

Telegram is an instant message service and has scored the highest rankings under Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for encryption. This is a cloud-based application and is swift enough in sharing the information. By this app, we can connect from remote areas. It encrypts personal and business secrets. This application supports the Windows phones, MAC devices, and personal computers as well.

Telegram stores our information in the cloud so our messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct. In the telegram, we have no limits on the size of your media and chats. It has the capacity to send the information to 200 different people at a time.

  • Wickr

Wickr is self-destruction and it can send a self-destruct message and thus send messages that cannot be read after 3 to 6 days. This option can be enabled by us on the application, though we can ruin the messages, each message has an end to end encryption.

We can share the files like audio, video and PDF files from our smart phones, Dropbox and Google Drive as well. This application is available for both android and iOS smart phones.

  • Silent phones

The silent phone offers encrypted text, audio, video, all in one convenient application from the silent circle. Text and calls between the silent phone users are encrypted end-to-end between your mobile phones. This application supports all users such as android, iOS and window. So we do not need to feel insecure with the possibilities of our text getting eavesdropped. Silent phones have the strongest encryption as no other authorities of the law will be able to decipher it.

At last, we have lots of applications which give the best securities for our phone calls and texts. So, go ahead and try out these phone encryption applications which will encipher the messages and audio calls.

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