AidaForm Online Form Builder Review: A Simple Way to Create Effective Online Forms

Online forms play a variety of roles within websites and other online platforms. Not only are they used to allow users to give feedback, but they also act as invaluable tools to generate leads, gather data, conduct market research, and more.

Because of the role these forms play, it is crucial that you’re able to create a variety of different types of forms when needed. That is something that AidaForm ( can help you out with.

Easily Create any Type of Form with AidaForm

Due to its intuitive graphical form builder, creating online forms with AidaForm is as easy as dragging blocks containing the fields that you need into place. No code or technical expertise is required, and it should just take a few minutes to create any type of form whatsoever.

AidaForm Online Form Builder Review

In addition to being able to customize its structure, AidaForm will make it similarly easy to control its appearance. By doing so you can create eye-catching forms that stand out, or ensure that they fit in with your branding and web design.

There are a lot of ways that you can take advantage of the ability to create and customize forms in this fashion. If you want you could directly improve your website with feedback or sign-up forms, start to capture leads on social media, or even create forms to collect order and payment information.

Because AidaForm will be able to create forms for any of those purposes and more, you can explore all your options without worrying about technical limitations.

Notable Features

Within AidaForm are many features that are designed to ensure it is versatile enough to cater to any of your needs when you create, share, or analyze the data from forms. Some of its more notable features will allow you to:

  • Choose from a selection of templates to quickly create a form or act as a starting point.
  • Add a wide range of fields to your forms including CAPTCHA, lists, multiple choice questions, Google Maps, or the option to upload files to attach to the form.
  • Stylize forms with the help of built-in themes and customize them further to make them look unique or fit a website’s design.
  • Receive notifications when users respond to the form after it has been published.
  • Insert the form on a website using the automatically generated code, or link to it directly on social media.
  • Use the web-based interface to analyze the data that has been gathered with helpful graphical visualizations.
  • Export data in the form of Excel documents or to Google Sheets.
  • Use the built-in integration with MailChimp to import email addresses from the forms, or link to other compatible apps via Zapier.

Between all of these features, you should have no trouble creating a variety of different forms – more than you may have considered in the past. In fact as you create forms with AidaForm and explore its features, you’ll likely think of more ways that you can take advantage of them and the data that they allow you to gather.

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