7 Utilities Apps You Should Have on Your iPhone

Must have phone appsSome utilities apps for your iPhone are simply indispensable – without them life is a little bit harder. Here’s a selection of seven indispensable iPhone apps you should grab right now.

•    Battery Master Pro – $0.99

The naked truth is that many iPhone battery apps don’t live up to their promises. Battery Master Pro is an exception. It lets you monitor your battery, showing you how much usage time you’ve got left for specific activities like web surfing or video playback. It also notifies you when the battery is fully charged.

•    Life360 Family Locator – Free

Ever wonder where your family members are at this exact moment? Life360 Family Locator helps you figure out just that. It’s a security app that lets you make sure your spouse and children are safe, by displaying the threats and safety points in their area. Also comes with group messaging and VOIP conferencing features, helping you keep in touch with your family.

•    Data Usage – $0.99

Monitoring your wi-fi and cellular data usage in real-time, Data Usage is useful because it lets you set monthly, weekly, or daily quotas, and sends you alerts when you exceed the limits you’ve previously set. It’s great because it works with all carriers, without requiring login.

•    Organizer – Free

A schedule, list, and notes organizer, this app is particularly useful because it lets you quickly and easily create diagrams and add pictures. Supports both handwritten notes and voice memos. Light, fast, compact.

•    SmartTime – $9.99

A complete tasking app, SmartTime integrates appointments and tasks with your Calendar, Contact List, and Google Maps. It provides a list-style agenda view, showing you what you have to do that day in a clear and suggestive way. You’ll like its simplicity and appealing design.

•    Wave Alarm – Free

Providing a simple alarm that you can turn off by waving your hand over your device, Wave Alarm comes with 10 alarm sounds, as well as the option to chose as your alarm a song from your music library. Grab this app and you won’t miss another appointment again.

•    The Real Flashlight – Free

Simply one of the best LED flashlights around, this app comes with an important feature other similar apps lack: configurable autostart when you launch the app. Uses battery effectively, enabling you to transform your iPhone into a really usable flashlight.

Note: You should also get an iPhone manager to easily manage iPhone apps from PC.

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