5 Ways to Save in Today’s Economy

Although experts are saying the country is making its way out of the recession, this is not always apparent for the middle class. Money is tight for most families, which makes it incredibly tough to provide for children, especially when you want to give them the world. However, there are several ways to scrimp and save on just about everything you buy. Read on to find out how!


1. Coupons
Download coupons from the Internet. There are dozens of different coupon websites you can visit, all with thousands of coupons for everyday products, ranging anywhere from diapers to
paper towels to milk. To find these websites, you just need to perform a search with your favorite search engine. Once you have located a website, just type in the product you want a coupon for and, chances are, there are several available for the product, as long as you aren’t picky for brand. Print off the coupons and take them to your local grocery store for use.


2. Thrift Stores
Shop at Good Will! Brand new clothing is expensive, especially when your children are continuously growing. Finding clothes at discounted prices is hard to come by, unless you shop at Good Will. All the proceeds go to a local charity, plus you can find some good selections if you just keep your eyes open. Your child isn’t going to care where their clothing came from, as long as they like it. Plus, you can probably find some great work outfits at a fraction of what you pay at a department store.


3. Cable Savings
Cable television is a drain on resources and is going to cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each and every year. For anyone that is looking to save money, this is a major expense. Of course, you don’t have to go completely without television. Local stations still come in for free. Plus, if you have an Internet connection, there are many free streaming services where you can watch shows the next day. Other movie-streaming services cost just a few dollars a month, and give you thousands of movie title options.


4. Public Transport
One of the best ways to move about a city is with public transportation. The bus or train  is a great way to get from point A to point B without spending a ton of money. On top of this, if you buy a pass for the month, you are going to save additional money (as long as you actually use it).


5. Buy in Bulk
When you see an item is on sale, purchase a large quantity and store it up or freeze it. This is going to help stretch your dollar even further. If you’re really crafty, figure out how to buy enough so that you have enough to last you until the next time the item goes on sale.

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