2014 Technology that Connects Your Phone with Your Car

Car manufacturers have been installing impressive new technology in the latest car models each year, to the point where vehicles seem about half computer and half vehicle. Of course, this has improved the driving experience dramatically and opened the door to a more connected world than ever.

One of the most hailed developments in 2014 is the integration of vehicle with smartphone. The combination of mobile phone and car is genius, because a large number of Americans own both of these items, and the match-up enables the markets for both to be mixed and expanded.

Connects Your Phone with Your Car

There are numerous ways to enhance your driving experience with the use of your phone, but here are a few of the most popular.

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Apple’s CarPlay

This is some of the newest technology for using your iPhone apps in your car. For the moment, it’s limited to luxury vehicle manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Volvo, but it will soon branch out to others, including BMW and Ford.

Essentially, you’re able to access the apps and features in your phone through Siri voice commands, or with buttons on the steering wheel. This limits the number of apps and features you can use to those that respond to voice commands, but this is still a large number of options.

A screen will be incorporated into your vehicle for easy navigation, and it will have a similar layout to the one on your iPhone. No more adapter cables or fumbling with your phone while driving. This should reduce distracted driving everywhere.

GPS navigation through your phone

CarPlay will also enable you to use your iPhone for GPS navigation, and thus eliminate the need to purchase a separate GPS device. While this is already partially possible with a mount to hold your phone in place for viewing, CarPlay will sync your phone with the car’s built-in screen.

There will be no more fumbling with suction cup holders, which fall down and can jeopardize your safety. The GPS instructions would also be played through the sound system of your vehicle, so adjusting the volume would be a breeze.

You also won’t need to worry about the music interfering with directions, because they would be cooperating on the same system. Until this is more widely available, remember to practice safe GPS habits to avoid accidents on the road.

Vehicle diagnostic apps

Although they’ve been around for a few years now, you may not have heard about the apps and cables that allow you to connect your iPhone or similar device to your vehicle, so you can read the status of your engine and the cause of any warning lights on your dash.

You can also use your phone to clear the check-engine light when you’ve addressed the problem, which can be really handy when it’s a simple loose gas cap. Now you can take engine maintenance into your own hands, and prevent mechanical failures in your vehicle.

Perhaps if this app was compatible with 18-wheelers, semi drivers could monitor their vehicles and prevent mechanical failure accidents. Depending on how comfortable you are working with vehicle mechanics, these tools could save you a lot of money, because you would no longer need to visit a shop to learn the working status of your car.

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