Will These Social Media Relics Rise Again [Infographic]

A few social media sites have come and gone. Others, such as Facebook and Twitter, appear to be here to stay. Regardless of whether it was the business model, the target market, or low quality that resulted in the downfall and end of earlier social media sites, they all faded into the background as social media heavyweights surfaced. But many of these social media relics are seeking to make a return.


Friendster, as an illustration, is hoping to make a comeback by reworking itself into a game site. This step seems to be working nicely for the site, and there is a high chance that they can make a comeback. Myspace just about died thanks to the arrival of Facebook, but when Justin Timberlake bought the site and converted it into a music-centered, entertainment-heavy, artist sharing site, it began to gain traction again.


It would appear that reinvention is the focus when needing to renew a social media relic from thedead. Even Digg, a site that was once a prominent social media news sharing site that enabled customers to rate stories, has reinvented itself into a sleeker, easier to use option to Google Reader. It is interesting to see how these sites have reinvented their look, restated their purpose, and altered their focus as a way to make a comeback. Below is some information on social mediarelics that just might stand a fighting chance at revival.


Infographic Source: WhoIsHostingThis.com

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