5 Social Media Marketing Tips To Increase Your Followers

Social Media Marketing TipsSocial media marketing is an integral part of any modern day business plan. This will be the way that you find the most followers, who will in turn become potential customers and supporters. Social media will get the ball rolling on word of mouth marketing, and will help you to personally connect with those who support you.

The way that all of this begins is by first increasing your followers. Without an ample amount of followers on any given social media site you will never be able to push yourself, your brand, or your business forward. With this in mind, we have come up with five social media marketing tips designed to directly increase your followers. Incorporate them into your social media marketing campaign and watch as your following grows consistently as well as considerably.


5 Social Media Marketing Tips

Tip #1: Be Interactive

The first step towards growing your followers is to be interactive. If someone posts on your status or photo, write them back. Don’t just let your information sit there and do nothing. If you don’t write someone back who has taken the time to interact with you, then you will never stand out in that persons mind. They will easily and quickly forget about you and whatever it is that you are marketing. All it takes is a few minutes, once or twice a day, to respond to what people are saying or doing. Even if what someone has written isn’t really something you would reply to, you can like what they have said or just leave a smiley face. Remember that any type of interaction at all is better than nothing.

Tip #2: Use Multiple Social Media Sites

Use multiple social media sites as a part of your campaign so that you can reach a wider audience. Not every person will be on every site, so using more than one can increase your prospective audience considerably. On this same note, however, don’t use so many social media sites that you are strained in keeping up with them all. Sticking to two or three is a fairly good idea. For example, you may set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Or, you may decide to use LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook. If you aren’t sure which sites to use, think about your target audience and which sites they are most likely to frequent. Set up your campaign and multiple accounts based upon that information.

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Tip #3: Mix Personal and Professional…Professionally

While you should always be professional and stick to a strict code of conduct (in other words, be polite and business like), you should tactfully make your audience feel as though they are getting to know you, not as though they are simply being sold to. An easy way to do this is mix in just a bit of personal information and professional advice in with ads targeted towards what you are trying to sell. For example, you may write something along the lines of, “I’m having a wonderful day! How is your day going?” or “I’m so excited about the way things have been going for me! I hope that you are doing as well as I am!” It’s as easy as that. Just make the audience feel as though they are connecting with you.

Tip #4: Post Often!!

This one is fairly self explanatory. Make sure you post, and do it often. Try to be steady about it also. Decide how often you are able to post. It might be five times a week, or two times a day. Dedicate yourself towards posting that much on a steady basis, and keep yourself in front of your audience. This may possibly be the most important tip of all, because remember that if you aren’t in front of your audience on a steady basis they will forget about you, and it can happen rather quickly at that.

Tip #5: Use Contests, Polls, and Giveaways To The Best Of Your Advantage

One great way to keep your followers involved and snag yourself some new ones is to run contests, polls, and giveaways. Use them to the best of our advantage! For contests and giveaways, one of the best things you can always do is having share the post or picture forward as a means of entering. This could ultimately put you in front of double your current audience! Besides which, everyone loves to get free stuff. If you offer free stuff now and again, you are much more likely to have repeat visitors to your social media page, which means that more of the information you post is going to actually get seen.

Those are our five social media tips to help you increase your followers. We hope you enjoyed learning them and that they serve you well, now and in the future. Good luck, and we wish you a worthwhile social media marketing campaign that grows your following, increases your sales, and expands your business or organization!


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