Importance of Integrating Your Blog and Social Media

Intergating Social media buttons on blogs.Congratulations on creating an awesome blog and keeping it regularly updated. It’s good to know that you have put up a contact form on your site.  Otherwise, most readers of your blog post would spend considerable time skimming through your site looking for ways to contact the blog owner or writer. While having a contact form on your blog is a good way to keep in touch with your readers, it’s certainly not enough. A contact form or even an e-mail address on your blog gives your readers just one way to contact you. But to be able to create an impact, you should offer your readers a better picture of yourself and give them many different ways to contact you. Letting your readers have a better glimpse about the person behind the blog doesn’t mean you need to give access to your childhood photos on your About Me page. It only means that your readers should know where else to find you online.

There are many social media tools you can choose from. However, you should decide which social media tool works best for your requirements, niche and readers. While you are free to experiment the success of your blog with different social media platforms, you should be able to figure out which tool best suits your interests. Some famous social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.  The Importance of Integrating Blog and Social Media:

  • Accessibility and Exposure:

When you connect your blog to social media sites, you are making it easier for your readers to find you. You may not use Twitter or Facebook, but that doesn’t mean your readers don’t use these social media sites as well. There are a number of social media sites available and the more sites you join, the more number of people you can reach. The potential to reach a vast online population increases the potential of your site’s popularity and accessibility. A tip before we go to the next benefit, it’s always better to use your blog name as your social media site’s username.

  • Sharing Made Easy:

By adding social media icons on your blog posts, you are making it easier for readers to share them. Here’s another tip. You are more likely to find readers sharing interesting parts of individual posts than sharing entire works. Besides enabling readers to share your blog, you have to also help them share your blog posts and parts of your posts.

  • Increases Interaction with Readers:

Adding social media icons on your blog posts helps you not only share your blog content, it also increases interaction with readers. Social media tools help your readers discuss the contents of your blog posts.

  • Garners Backlinks:

Once your blog manages to get enough followers on social media sites, it will act as proof of credibility, popularity, and help you gain good backlinks. Since social media integration with your blog increases your site’s visibility and popularity, search engine rankings of your blog is also likely to increase.

Thus, adding social media buttons, social media widgets, share, follow and like icons on your blog posts will help increase your site’s popularity and help you succeed in your online endeavors.


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