How Facebook can Advertise Your Travel Business

Social Media And Blog ConnectionsAre you a keen traveler who likes to explore the different places on this planet? Have you already visited a myriad of places and gathered much interesting facts related to their cultures and traditions? Well, then, how about helping others with their travel plans and earn some income? The good news is that you can start such a travel business at home by harnessing the power of Facebook that eliminates the need to host a costly Web site.


Interestingly, a single Facebook Ad or a Facebook page is effective enough to get you customers and start a traveling agency right away. Do not doubt this, as with over 60 million active users and more than 200,000 new users reserving their place daily, it’s not a big deal to take the advantage of this social networking revolution with a free Facebook page. Yes, the page service is free on Facebook.


You Are not Alone…
Before some time, for advertizing your business on Facebook, you had to be a BIG business, especially a Fortune 500 one. This is main reason why you see the pages of big companies such as Verizon and Coca-Cola on Facebook. However, fortunately, this option is now open to any business that can create and maintain Facebook pages with relevant content such as videos and photos. Once your page is ready, the Facebook users can add reviews, become fans, and share the page information with anybody, which definitely helps in advertizing your travel business for free.

Start by Creating a Free Facebook Page

In order to create your own Facebook page, visit the URL, and select the category that suits your travel business. Now, you enter your business name as well as category, agree to the terms and conditions, and click Get Started. Doing so will take you to a three-step page via which you should upload your profile photo, invite existing contacts for making them fans, and provide basic business details. Finally, you see that your page is created that has its own Wall for starting discussions and sharing events.


Did you notice the admin panel on the right with the Promote with an Ad option? Just click this option and you will see the Advertise on Facebook page with the first step of ad designing. Continue to follow the instructions for creating your Facebook ad wherein the Campaigns and Pricing section is a bit tricky one. If you are new, Create a new campaign is a good option to start with. Generally, campaigns enable grouping several ads together for targeting the various segments. Next, you need to specify the daily budget depending on your marketing budget, which should be adequate enough to make an impact on the targeted segment of people.


Then, set a schedule for a specific date range for avoiding huge bills in absence of no tours being offered. In general, the Facebook ads do charge you, but they are more affordable and work effectively to offer you great results for your online efforts.

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