The Hottest Entrant In Social Media – Google+ Confronting Facebook

Google plus may it be pronounced but Google+ as it’s written is the latest shot after Facebook came in consideration exclaiming to change the networking experience”.

Google+ Vs Facebook

It seems to be a promising new concept by Google that can surely engage mammoth visitors to it. But, is it just another random social site with half- developed features and conventional looks? Certainly, it’s a challenge to answer that so early given that Google+ made its presence felt recently. Though services seem to be quite reliable and promising it shows the caliber to beat strong contender Facebook in the long run. It challenges for selective content posting, chatting in a personal hub called hangout and having updates of latest news item that suits your taste well.

So Google+ has way far to reach somewhere near Facebook already exists for its brilliant sharing and reliable features. A clean interface is indeed attractive and ad-free given that Google makes effort to add some robust features quickly before its downfall. According to a recent news item, Google+ is now the best part of Google apps. The Google Company is seriously thinking about converting its social network into a business tool. To matter of fact Facebook proclaims about 800 million users while Google sets behind with promising 40 million at it’ base.

Here are few features, user looks forward to find in Google+ addition:

  • Advanced Social Circle: Circle seems to be a brilliant idea as Facebook too provides such feature to users as well. Google+ must come with the benefit of selecting your group to share things accordingly. Facebook keeps its setting maintained to the general feed for your profile. User requires safety which Facebook as it indeed provides better direction to user.
  • Importance of Analytic Dashboard: It’s important for Google to practically invite analytics to their page. It’s always surprising to look for reporting features that can allow the user to have a complete summary of new and lost followers. There should be scorecard that shows whether users are re-posting your content and commenting on it.  A daily snapshot can really motivate the user to engage with other services that Facebook lacks.
  • Available on iPhone/iPad app: A person with android smartphone can easily download Google+ app. Whereas iPhone and blackberry users stay behind this race as feature doesn’t allow it. A new version that welcomes a tablet version where you can drag contacts into Circles and chat over the built-in camera.
  • Import from Facebook Feature: Thinking of better integration, one need to import features from Facebook. It closes their data from the world and can export all your photos with the friend exporter tool. Google should be able to make a Facebook connect feature to bring in your friends from the competing services.

Google+ has made connecting with people easy and stress free. Introduction of few smart features can prove to be a revolutionary virtue of networking experience in long run!
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