What Steps Should You Take When Creating Your Global Strategy?

The world has contracted and the people’s reach have expanded, thanks largely to the phenomena that is called “Social Media”. Social media is the place for not only getting in touch with your near and dear ones, for expanding your interaction with people from far, but it is the most preferred place nowadays for getting all things done- be it educational needs, entertainment, or business deeds. The social network was started as an interaction-platform that was built with a sense of only communication liability but not for any serious stuff. But with its far-reaching limits, it was bound to create much; and for everyone.


Global Strategy

The marketing and promotion was limited and so-much people-specific prior to social media. There were only televisions and print media for getting one’s marketing strategy a global one, but that were too costly for everyone. Only a few top-ones could afford that. But with social media being in the play these days, all the parameters have changed. Almost one-third of the world’s population is on social network (especially Facebook). So targeting your brands to them could never have been much easier, and that too, without costing a penny.


  • Targeting your Audience

The first thing you need to figure out is whom you going to target to promote your brand. For that you have to look for the crowd base that relates with your product or service. Having a general idea is not enough. Your goal and the target audience should be specific, only then you can achieve some good conversions. Specify the kind of people that would be your potential buyers and target your promotional campaigns towards those users. For example- You can use the “Like” function of the Facebook for this. Suppose a user “likes” the pages of different musicians and bands. And you, being a music accessory product supplier, can target your promotions on their pages and let them subscribe to your newsletters. And in all probability, they would be more likely to have a go at any new offer you roll out.


  • Setting social media goals

With the internet, you can produce a uniform and consistent message with your product- delivering exceptional design and experience through excellent user interface. You have to create targeted and specific tag lines also with your product which will clarify your product, because that will be used to inform the media you make. Creating a strategy for social media involves defining the issue: This is an on-going process – developing your media strategy always needs changes with, as it is a fast and evolving process with new inputs every new day. You should make people understand how you are going to propose their issues.

Though you may have only one or two concrete goals, You need to be very precise about how you will achieve your goals through the use of media, whether you have outlines a single goal or many. Making your social goal multi-faceted could prove to be a good strategy.


  • Choosing the language

It might seem to be a non-penchant thing but matters a lot. Most of the market trends are region or people-specific, so you have to be specific on what your product or service is and whom you are going to target in what area. Simply take a post from your blog post or social network profile and pasting it into Google Translate for your other language blog or profile is complete no-no. You should also not mix all the languages in a single profile or blog. You are targeting your product in the Asian countries, and then you should imbibe local languages in your marketing campaigns, because not all internet users are very particularly comfortable with global languages. Suppose, you are targeting Korean or Japanese audience, then having your product’s info in local languages would help you to involve with the masses more easily, rather than just a single language which could help you in targeting only high-educated people. And if you happen to be a non-English based business, then you must create your strategies keeping in mind other languages too, if you want to target global audience.


  • Cultural differences

You must have seen in a market that a local dealer connects easily with the local people. That is only because they share a common ground of culture. In online business fraternity, where the consumer base is far and wide and covers almost all cultures, knowing the basic cultural differences is must. It is a must when developing your social media strategy as it creates a big difference. In people’s daily lives (which includes their choice of interest), culture plays the most important part. Take for example, people of North India love things which include a sense of spirituality, and it drives their interest too. So, integrating spiritual or ethic-based preferences in your services would surely make them go for your product.


  • Social Networks

You also need to be clear about what social media you are going to opt for that will help you to achieve these objectives. The first consideration is that using and making the most of almost all social networks is the viable pattern, but you have to be very precise about that.


Facebook: This is the first and foremost place to be. With almost one-third of World’s population on it, you just cannot avoid this place. Very easy to use and if approached in right manner can be very fruitful in making your business lead in just a matter of time.


Twitter: Those 140 words can be very lethal, if you have that power of making a punch through your promotional and informative lines. It will help you in garnering more and more followers and will help you in a great deal.


Pinterest: This image-based platform has grown very significantly over the last couple of years and is a much acclaimed place for any business activity. Create your account, start putting in pictures and infographics of your product right away and explore more and more to connect with masses.

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YouTube: It says that a person telling himself about his product or service speaks more volume than just a text. This is just what this video-based platform does for the businesses. Make yourself or get some professional help to make some interactive and easy-to-understand videos about your product or service. The better and unique the theme of your videos, the better your chances of getting more customers.


Google+: Touted to be stiff competition, this one from the internet giant is building up its ground very fast. And many of the internet marketing experts have called this to be the next big thing in internet marketing strategies. So, obviously this cannot be avoided. Way like Facebook, but still has features far different than Facebook and much better suited for marketing.

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Apart from these there are many more and such social networks, so I hope that now you know what you are going to do and which networks suits you best.


Localization aptitudes on each social platform
Your can have different followers on each social network (that gives you a wider reach), so you need to have a marginally different strategies for each network. Once you determine which countries are most interested in your accounts, you can fragment your audiences accordingly. But note that, having a lot of foreign connections or global tweeter followers do not mean that they are your target audience; you have to assess what your target audience is and need to plan your strategies targeting them.

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